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Pirate101 Pirate 101

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Bobby Flat Foot, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Bobby Flat Foot

    Bobby Flat Foot


    A game just announced today, from KingsIsle. Its currently in Alpha Beta, and invitations to Closed Beta have yet to be sent out, but you can sign up and get on the list.​

  2. Captain Redhorn

    Captain Redhorn

    Gonna try it! Very cool Bobby!

    Bobby Flat Foot
    Wait... is it avaliable for download yet?
  3. Looks fun a bit like wizard 101 it looks cooler
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  4. Cortez

    Cortez Honorable Pirate

    It looks like the pirate version of toontown :confused:
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  5. Crazy Jonah

    Crazy Jonah Notorious Pirate

    potco version of wizards 1o1!!!!!
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  6. Constance O'hara

    Constance O'hara Pirate Lord

    Sadly, those ships look more realistic than some of the ships in POTCO o_o.
    So gonna sign up for a chance at BETA, my 2 favorite games mixed into one.. WITH SHIPS! -faints-
  7. Bobby Flat Foot

    Bobby Flat Foot

    Its not currently out for even closed beta, but will be soon. I encourage you to if you plan on playing it, registering and getting on the list for closed beta. Chances may still be high since it was only announced earlier today.

    It you play Wizard101 you may notice some 'borrowed' characters, and designs. Since it is the same developing company I can't blame them for using their previous characters. This is only their second game, and may be more to come.

    Now that you say that.... It kinda does xD
  8. Lord Drake

    Lord Drake Wanted Pirate

    Looks too cartoony for me. :/
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  9. Davy_Mcwrecker

    Davy_Mcwrecker Swashbuckler

    Hopefully this wont be like Wizard 101... I tried it... and fled within 3 days....
  10. Cortez

    Cortez Honorable Pirate

    Heh, same here but i left within a hour because it was completely crowded
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  11. Constance O'hara

    Constance O'hara Pirate Lord

    It will be, if you read it it says it's made by Kingsisle, the ones who made Wizard101...
  12. Davy_Mcwrecker

    Davy_Mcwrecker Swashbuckler

    Just because it's by the same company doesnt mean it will be the same. POTCO and ToonTown arent even close. FreeRealms and POTBS? Don't even get started.
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  13. Captain Redhorn

    Captain Redhorn

    I believe the graphics and overall artwork will be similiar, as will the currency of 'crowns'. I doubt it will be at a pirate school and have the same card style fighting but I'm not sure.
  14. Constance O'hara

    Constance O'hara Pirate Lord

    Look at the graphics, charaters, NPCs, even the site and tell me they aren't gonna be the same... doubt it.
  15. Bobby Flat Foot

    Bobby Flat Foot

    To answer some of the questions floating around above.....

    • Game population will be high when out to the public A good 20 million have/do play/ed Wizard101
    • KingsIsle does share some graphics and things between these games
    • The fighting style will be different. They developed a new fighting system for this game https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/combat
    • As for similarity, I think they will be smally related in story line. It will most likely make more sense if you have in dept knowledge of Wizard101. Pirate101 after all is placed around the 'Spiral'
  16. renter

    renter Sea Legs

    Are you playing Pirate 101? See if you share the same points made in this latest Pirate 101 preview.
  17. Bobby Flat Foot

    Bobby Flat Foot

    Currently right now is not out for anyone to play. Its till in Alpha Beta (Meaning only the creators can play it) or, at least the last time I checked it is.. *Checks e-mail*
  18. Will Nightwolf

    Will Nightwolf Legendary Pirate

  19. Mr Funny

    Mr Funny Honorable Pirate

    hopefully it doesn't change fast like POTCO did and they actually listen to you. Graphics aren't all that to a game guys, its the people, gameplay, and support for me!
  20. Bobby Flat Foot

    Bobby Flat Foot

    Source: Facebook; J Todd Coleman Via Pirate101 & Wizard101 via J Todd Coleman
    OMG!!! ONLY 10 PEOPLE?!?! ._. Why.... !!!
    Link from quote: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=htt...ed-hits-san-diego-comic-con-2012/&h=dAQGhNAvK