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  1. Nameless
    August 16, 2017, 10:39 PM 72 hours Inappropriate comments
  2. William Kid
    William Kid darkmastertristan
    LOL need to watch the notifications closer
  3. allimy
    My heart is warm.
  4. OrionSenpai
    OrionSenpai kalaniMC
    Welcome to the forums! If you ever need a healer, call me up!
  5. Nameless
    Nameless Mark Scurvyfox
    I got banned for 3 days. Didn't get an email.
    1. Mark Scurvyfox
      Mark Scurvyfox
      Send an e-mail at: from the e-mail address attached to the banned account.
      According to this overhaul:, your ban details might show up to your account details so I'd recommend logging in to TLOPO website first.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 8:10 AM
    2. Nameless
      I sent an email. The account just says Inappropriate Comments. Although I am sure I said something bad, I want to know what it was to be banned for 3 days.
      Aug 17, 2017 at 8:25 AM
    3. Mark Scurvyfox
      Mark Scurvyfox
      All right! I hope Support reaches you out with details soon. Good day!
      Aug 17, 2017 at 8:42 AM
  6. Brittany
    Brittany Roger_ Gunshot
    Happy birthday Roger :D I hope its a great one!
  7. TheRealAblert
  8. TheRealAblert
  9. LunaStorm
    LunaStorm kalaniMC
    Welcome to the forums kalaniMC! If you have any questions feel free to ask:)
  10. LunaStorm
  11. Rouhan
    Rouhan darkmastertristan
    How have you been DMT? It's been quite a while! Glad to see you're becoming more active! :)
  12. Rouhan
    Rouhan Remington
    Congratulations on 800 likes! If you need more you know where I am ;)
  13. Rouhan
    Rouhan appreciates the transparency used while updating moderation procedures! Cheers everybody!
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  14. darkmastertristan
    going on a follow spree to liven up my page a bit :D :D :p
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  15. Greyvicee
    ascension, ascension, ascension...
  16. Remington
    Remington Saphire
    Happy Birthday Saphire! Two armored thumbs up! :)
  17. Remington
    Remington Jason Blademorgan
    Welcome to the forums Jason! :) We're so glad you're here!
  18. Remington
    Remington fallonsord
    Welcome to the forums Fallonsord! :)
  19. Remington
    Remington Anakele
    Welcome to the forums Anakele! :)
  20. Remington
    Remington Zenithial
    Welcome to the Forums Zenithial! :)