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    LunaStorm Alphadios
    :welcome2: to the Forums Alphadios! :D
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    LunaStorm Astrotm
    :welcome2: to the Forums Astrotm! :D
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    :welcome2: to the Forums! :D
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    LunaStorm Stilicho
    :welcome2: to the Forums Stilicho! :D
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    LunaStorm madprofessor0
    :welcome2: to the Forums madprofessor! :D
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    LunaStorm evilestboss46
    :welcome2: to The Forums evilestboss! :D
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    PrivateRiley Astrotm
    Welcome to the forums! :hamster:
  11. TigerLily
    Happy Thanksgiving, All
  12. Kate Goldwalker
  13. SamMcCloud
    is ready for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! :gobble:
    1. PrivateRiley
      Have a good one Sam!
      Nov 22, 2017 at 8:27 PM
  14. Misha
    Working Thanksgiving and Black Friday, 14 hours total between the two shifts. Here we go!
  15. Bartholomew Bladespinner
    Bartholomew Bladespinner
    I have 20 medals now :) thank you @Irene for these amazing medals
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  18. Captain Star
  19. Grace O Maille
  20. plantini