Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We recognize that privacy is an important concern of our members. This privacy policy applies to all personal information submitted by you to this site.

When signing up on our site, we require you submit a name, birthdate, and email address. No extremely personal information is stored by us.

We will not sell, transmit, or distribute, any data held without your prior permission or consent, unless required to do so under relevant United States legislation.

All other information provided by you may appear on your profile, and is entirely optional, and all of that information is held there at your own risk. This information is editable in the settings for your account. If you have any issues, please contact us for help.

We will make all reasonable effort to ensure that all personal information about you is submitted and maintained securely on our servers. However, we make no guarantee of this.

This site is intended for individuals over the age of 13. Any information collected is intended to be of individuals over the age of 13.

You as a user, are given the ability to opt-out of any email messages sent from us. If you are receiving unwanted email messages that appear to be coming from us, please forward the message or send a complaint to abuse[at]piratesforums[dot]co.