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The Guardians Officer - Tyler Jan 18, 2017 at 2:11 PM

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    1. Mark Scurvyfox
      Mark Scurvyfox
      Quotes of the day: #JFR, #CheysaFinn
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    2. AceOfThieves
      The Guardians Officer - Tyler
    3. Arlic
    4. Cheysa Finn
      Cheysa Finn
      I just noticed your sig while browsing through the loot thread. Wow.... I'm stunned! I've never been quoted before. Thanks for making my day :)
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    5. Captain Redhorn
    6. Drewski0199
      Welcome to the forums, AceOfThieves! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
    7. Bartholomew Bladespinner
      Bartholomew Bladespinner
      Hello welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your time here :)
    8. Shadowemma1
      Welcome to the forums, AceOfThieves! :)
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    August 23
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    November 2nd, '07
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    Thank you to everyone working to bring us TLOPO, it can never be said enough.
    "Even with all of the crashing, I guesstimate that you as a community member are seeing more game time than anyone on PF or TLOPO staff. Staff on both sides are literally spending every free moment of their time to make the game happen for you. These forums have a nice set up that allows you to report bugs. Please help out the moderators and developers by posting your reports in an organized way. If there is a thread devoted to reporting bugs, use it. Take a bit of time to research before you ask a question. We post things publicly for a reason. If both staffs are using all of their free time to bring the game back, I think you can spend a few moments to make sure you are being a help and not a hindrance."

    -Cheysa Finn
    "Beta is not meant to be enjoyed. It is for testing. When the game goes live and is complete in its functionality and has stability, THEN you can enjoy it. Not sure how many times this needs to be said. Things will go wrong. Things will break. It's a part of the development process. Please understand this. You, as a Beta tester, should not expect quality right now. Your job is to test. Not enjoy. It is a PRIVILEGE for you to be able to play right now. The developers could very well have kept this whole process closed to the public. You should appreciate the chances you are receiving to actually step back into the game and relive it while it is still in development."
    -John Foulroberts
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