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    Forums upgrade w/no artistic "background"

    Is it a display setting that they've got, @Davy Darkrage? I have no issues with it myself. My zoom is at 100%, which is normal. My resolution is 2560 x 1440 on my laptop, but I see a bit more of the background picture when I have the browser with forums on my small TV. Resolution on the tv is...
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    Famous Names

    Donnie Osmond
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    Blog Post Developer Insider: The Old Islands!

    Posting now, while this is on my mind after reading the OP. I will come back and read the rest and add reactions/comments to those in a bit... I have always thought that IF any of these islands came back to replace those currently in game, then it should be Port Royal. The reason I feel this...
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    Announcement Happy St Patrick's Day !!

    OH, need to hurry up and post! Been on vacation for a week and just now got back on the forums! I've always been very good at finding 4-leaf clovers. Probably post about this every year, lol. But still, my luck has not changed in this area. And with spring here, the clovers are growing like...
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    Famous Names

    Michael Jordan
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    Question How to turn off email notifications?

    Double check the Contact Details that you have check marked. If you hover over your name next to the envelope, then you'll have a drop down list. Select Contact Details in the left column, it will open up a new page. Here is what I have selected and deselected. Might check out Alert...
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    Lol, it would not be copying SOT. POTCO had plans and concepts for the kraken to be added into the game from the beginning of creation. The Grape Shot ammo had a purpose. https://piratesonline.fandom.com/wiki/Grape_Shot Check out that page on the wiki. The original description for the grape shot...
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    Count to 10 Before...

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    SvS SVS Tactics and Bounty

    I'd like to thank everyone who took part in this discussion, @Misha, @Shamus The Brute, @tiberias, @Lord Gold Air, @Sir. Mathew, @Angel20, @Jack Scurvyfoote, @Stephen Teague, @squintz, and @Luna Storm. Many things were learned about how everyone feels and plays SVS. I'm sure the developers will...
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    Question Cargo holds.

    My current ship upgrade: I have a War Brig. Basic has 16 slots. It went up 60% to 25 slots. 16 x .6 = 9.6; 16 + 9.6 = 25.6. So apparently POTCO and TLOPO dont round up to nearest number and just drop the decimal instead. If I stay the same path: So, if I stay on this path, then I will gain...
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    SvS SVS Tactics and Bounty

    Well, I dont think you have to worry Let me translate what's I put in teal bold: Not allow light sloops in SVS. Further explanation: Keep people from launching a light sloop in the SVS match. POTCO never did this. TLOPO most likely will not do this either. POTCO never removed the light sloop...
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    SvS SVS Tactics and Bounty

    Haha! Not what I meant. I was talking broadsides. Unfortunately we as drivers of the ships have NO control over the aim of the broadsides. They will always go over the top of the light sloop. It has noting to do with us 'aiming'. Just try to get a light sloop navy or eitc that is right next to...
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    SvS SVS Tactics and Bounty

    Misha understands my point. Since you bring up the light sloops in SVS, that's honestly one of the most annoying things in SVS. Light sloops flying around like annoying mosquitoes in the battle field. Swing by, broadside and 1 crew using some infinite ram with either lightning or fury ammo...
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    SvS SVS Tactics and Bounty

    I'm sorry, Shamus, but I'm going to disagree with you here. You know that I was a huge SVSer back in POTCO days. Learned my skills from Leo. Attended many SVS events. Made a video about an SVS Legend after he passed away. I was not one of those SVSers who cared about the bounty. I only cared...
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    How many guilds have you been in?

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