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    3D Printing

    Both my 16 yr old and 12 yr old are in the EAST Initiative and have both used 3D printers. This is my youngest son's first year in the program and his first time using a 3D printer. I'm the coach for my youngest son's First Lego League Robotics team. For their project this year, they wanted to...
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    Discussion TLOPO Q/A Thread

    As a reminder, please stay on topic of the thread. I know the downtime we recently had left many wondering when TLOPO would be back up. However, this thread is specifically for the community to ask the TLOPO staff questions about the game. So, I have cleaned up the discussion about the downtime...
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    Maintenance update?

    @Binarby If you look above, 2 posts above, 23 minutes ago (as I'm typing this just now), Steph replied with the following: and 3 posts before that:
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    Anti- Name & Shame

    "What if...moderation options in-game became overly proactive as opposed to reactive in both nature and purpose." Are you proposing some form of 'prevention'?
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    Count to 10 Before...

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    Count to 10 Before...

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    Anti- Name & Shame

    I'm popping in here to make one HUGE point that I think almost everyone has forgotten about, and should ALWAYS be considered whenever discussing how to deal with trolls before any idea can come to fruition (other than the report/ignore) on how to handle or hold them accountable. All trolls...
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    Movies in alphabetical order.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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    Name Game!

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    New Hair?

    I'm assuming you're referring to female clothing and hair styles. Here is a link to the wiki for the female hats: And here is the link to the wiki for the female hairstyles: Now, if...
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    Count to 10 Before...

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    Profile Photo Issue

    Huh, I dont have the tray at the bottom because I use two screens and have the forums up on the secondary screen, but I do see the back arrow on my browser:
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    Ahoy, I'm schyth

    Welcome to the forums, @schyth ! Place your pirate's name on this whitelist suggestion thread. If it follows the rules, then there shouldnt be an issue getting it on there.
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    Suggestion New Report Options

    Researching how other games deal with any offenses in game and/or trolls does not require anyone to sign up and play the game. Ty @Eric Sailcutter for your understanding of this challenge. If we really and truly want to find some 'fix' to this issue, having the perspective of other games and...
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    Team PvP Bug I do believe that is the point of the Lobbies that they are adding to the game.