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    HI Lexi!!!! It's so good to see you!!!!
    Pirate Lass
    Lexi! I am looking for you . . . . hehehe
    An NPC player at the blackjack table on Padres has on my magenta coat and I want it back !
    the story of how i came to hate the mouse is a story of great length filled with heartbreak, tears, and lost souls. lets just do the quick version and say that he represents the company that frequently misuses our money without giving us much in return ;) lol
    How hard is it for someone like Disney to post a message on the blog or login screen with an update about the outage????
    Wish they would put as much thought into improving the site as they do promoting the new movie.
    Really unhappy about yet another outage, and the lack of incentives for loyal members to remain a member.
    Welcome to the forums :) happy to have u
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