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    Guild Discussion Guild Directory

    ' Peachy ' Gm: @Lightning Drifter (Thanks Kris! :D)
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    be a peach - join 'peachy'

    p e a c h y hello there, you've stumbled upon 'peachy' a chill, new, and mostly irrelevant guild within tlopo. the guild requirements are as follows - 1 : don't be funny 2 : take rule #1 seriously 3 : you must pay daily homage to your overlady - 'lightning drifter' 4 : there's no real...
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    Question Point of Treasure Collectibles?

    With way the loot system works now, there is no exact science to get anything. It is luck. There's tips and tricks to increase your odds but at the end it's still luck. It is true the system @thab0ss mentioned in the first half of his reply. The odds have to be better for a famed sword if it's...
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    NEW TLOPO Mood Rock found?

    You have the undying support of this community @Mood Rock , we're happy if anything that your memory lives on in the lives of your brethren. @Charles Warmonk - Nice spotting!
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    Announcement Happy Valentine's Day !! <3

    I love many things, but this Valentine's day in particular, I think my heart belongs to my bed, and the very little time we share together these days </3
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    Website Trying to download the game

    Hey, did it work? Or still having issues? When I first downloaded/installed I ran into some troubles from my anti-virus blocking the download, so I had to disable for a few minutes and let it run first ( Just throwing it out there as a possible solution to check into if the problem hasn't been...
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    I reeeaaallllyyy want the Leader Boards.

    I reeeaaallllyyy want the Leader Boards.
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    Idea So the Sloop and Galleon got about a 4th ship slot?

    Does the War Brig still match the War Gal's broadside? If so, the Gal still needs a small buff, or the Brig needs slight nerf in that area. Other than this. I'm happy to see attention brought to the sailing issues! I'm not in dire need of a 4th slot, but there'd be no complaining from me if...
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    The BIG picture_

    I'm late to this discussion but it seems it's still going. I read through most of the conversation, but maybe I'll be repeating some things that were already said. Firstly, thanks Shamus for bringing up this point! I myself in recent months, have fallen out of the mindset of Beta testing. I...
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    Recruiting The Guardians

    New Member @Ed plunderphoenix ( Pirate: Ethne ) Welcome to The Guardians!!
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    Nice Avi

    Nice Avi
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    Too much fun! Someone needs to take it away from me! haha, good to hear from ya!

    Too much fun! Someone needs to take it away from me! haha, good to hear from ya!
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    Announcement 15K MEMBERS!!! <3

    Big congrats forum family!! :)
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    Announcement Happy 2019 !!!!!

    My resolution is too keep giving 100% into what I do, and who I love. No matter the return, I'd rather be the one who gave everything. HAPPY 2019 Pirate Family!