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    Ahoy, I'm Gabbylou2u .

    Welcome to the game/forums :)
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    Still haven't gotten a legendary, let's see how today goes.

    Still haven't gotten a legendary, let's see how today goes.
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    Blog Post Developer Insider: Upcoming Content

    Hear me out, imagine an invasion, that doesn't bug out and one-shot you.
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    Login doesn't like me

    Should work now.
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    Back from the Past

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    Ahoy, I'm jlcline93

    Welcome Jlcline93, Hope you enjoy your stay here on the PirateForums! Hope to see you in-game :)
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    Announcement Happy 2019 !!!!!

    New years resolution? Go outside for once!
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    Returning from the good ol' days...

    Hope to see you around pirate! Welcome to the forums :)
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    I'll be takin those codes, thank you!
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    Ship stopped on its own

    Sounds like you need some jumper cables.
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    TLOPO Haunted Woods 2018

    It's like the stick, but better!
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    Ahoy, I'm XJumper

    Welcome XJumper and welcome to the forums!
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    Haunted bone

    Maybe you miscounted and you had 18 instead? Or maybe you didn't pick it up like you thought.
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    Controller Support

    Isn't there a way to hotkey binds already?