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  1. Oubliette

    Is the cannon powder shine gone from CD already?

    I've only been a couple or three times. Too often the exploding barrels come in at impossible angles and I spend too much time on my back. A game of frustration is not entertaining for me. Sure I'd like some better cannon rams ... but it's up there with invasions of grenadiers ... not much...
  2. Oubliette

    Recruiting Sort of

    In every game I play I feel something when I am invited to join a guild. Not always the same thing. I'm old enough that I don't conform to a group well. But I feel (for me) like ignoring the invite or just saying "No" is rude so I try to answer politely although I was in the middle of...
  3. Oubliette

    Fishing problems

    I have not found it to be that difficult. 2 or 3 long sessions to level 20. and I can attribute just about all of my lure losses to operator error. I can imagine that lure loss would be more extreme if you were experiencing any lag.
  4. Oubliette

    crash issues are like clockwork for me SOS HELP

    I'd like the development team play testers to work on a "lower" build ... maybe the one they describe as minimum requirements
  5. Oubliette

    Rams Looted in Cannon Defense

    I don't see that it only makes sense to get rams from cd ... the only way to get them is that a Navy bloke left it behind when manning the cannons. So he could leave behind anything else he might carry.
  6. Oubliette

    Rams Looted in Cannon Defense

    Yeah, I didn't know there would be drops so it confused me and then I couldn't even have it heh
  7. Oubliette

    Rams Looted in Cannon Defense

    I'm only level 6 CD and we only made it to stage 20 ... just got the 'trash' ones 'Old cannon ram'(?)
  8. Oubliette

    Question assorted extreme newbie ?'s

    :P I had tried a few cut/pastes when deciding whether to add to my original thread or start another ... "#8 the escalation of the cost to re-assign skill is it per skill? in other words if I re-assign sword, does re-assign of doll later count as a second?"
  9. Oubliette

    Question assorted extreme newbie ?'s

    question #6: will voodoo staffs start dropping now that I have one .. I'm a lil indignant about the power 2 staff Tia gave me #7 many years ago my fiance and I did the Black Pearl battle alone (well, the two of us) ... and then changes made it much harder. How is it now? #8 the escalation of...
  10. Oubliette

    Question soot

    Sleeping with the fishes didn't work ... around his mouth is dark too. no info found on the wiki
  11. Oubliette

    Blog Post A Surprise Awaits

    just in time for Father's Day ... I'm going with a Man Cave inside my War Brig .. actually no "why is no one firing cannon?" "they're below deck watching the game on your widescreen ..."
  12. Oubliette

    Question soot

    seriously? This morning it has evened out ... looks like dark '5 o'clock shadow' though the pirate has white hair ... heading for the dock
  13. Oubliette

    Question soot

    How do I wash my pirates face? I've spent a good 80% of the past hour being on fire ... so I assume it is residual like the rancid fly trap fumes. Trying logging out and back in.
  14. Oubliette

    Loading screen stuck

    mine sits at 100% sometimes. after I get impatient I click on the screen once. then it clears ... I'm not saying there is a causal relationship there ...
  15. Oubliette

    Public Ship

    Still committed to public shipping .... Currently 21 sailing and 11 cannon sailing either Blue Dog (war sloop) or Blue Lion (war brig)
  16. Oubliette

    ... I can't help but sense there is more to this story ... luckily I do not need to know.

    ... I can't help but sense there is more to this story ... luckily I do not need to know.
  17. Oubliette

    Question how does powerful work

    from the wiki: Powerful is a special ability that can be found on the old weapons (before El Patron's Lost Weapons). Since the new weapons have much higher attack power than the old ones, this ability was given to the old weapons so that they still live up to their former glory (They deal...
  18. Oubliette

    Question how does powerful work

    I gather it is desirable ... is it hidden damage bonuses? is it timed skill that you use and recharge? Is it already reflected in the stated damage for the weapon?