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  1. Laseander

    SvS Sinking 100 Ships in a Row (video)

    Took a while to pull off but was a lot of fun. Most of the people were Spanish Syndicate. If you want to join the guild, use invite code NPET1745. All are welcome!
  2. Laseander

    Video Ship of the Line Massacre (by a War Sloop)

    A condensed video of us wrecking some Ships of the Line. I have more videos on the way, so feel free to sub! This was part of a Spanish Syndicate looting run. To join, use invite code NPET1745. All are welcome!
  3. Laseander

    Video TLOPO Bounty Hunters First Look

    Just a quick video I made to show people that weren't able to play tonight. Check it out if you feel like it. Was a lot of fun! PS: This was from a Spanish Syndicate looting run. To join our guild, use invite code NPET1745. All are welcome!
  4. Laseander

    Question Dark or Light side?

    Which are you?
  5. Laseander

    Idea Guild Leaderboards

    A guild leaderboard displaying key stats like average level, enemies killed (all-time/month/day), ships sunk, would be great. This would build an actual guild hierarchy and put the most talented guilds on display, not necessarily just the ones that are the most persistent in advertising/inviting.
  6. Laseander

    Interest in roleplaying in the Spanish Empire?

    Is anyone interested? Our goal would be to establish a Spanish-dominated server led by a hierarchy that serves the best interests of the Spanish. Royal positions in Parliament could be given out to founding members. If you want to be a part of this, let me know!
  7. Laseander

    Discussion Has Disney TV gone downhill?

    From OG shows like Suite Life, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverley now?
  8. Laseander

    Discussion Frigate vs. Brig...which is better?

    (For everything: SvS, questing, looting, etc.)
  9. Laseander

    Discussion Will Turner & Flying Dutchman BACK in POTC5!

    Who else is excited about this??? I'm a fan of Will, but I loved the Flying Dutchman. It was the coolest ship...and it will be cool to see how it looks with Will as the captain! I hope they don't take away too much swag from it, that would kind of suck....
  10. Laseander

    Question Who is YOUR 2017 NBA MVP?

    Please, feel more than free to justify your pick below. I'll end this poll in about a month, when the MVP is announced! Note: I am only including the players on the official ballot (the ones that actually can win!).
  11. Laseander

    Discussion Does POTC re-use the same plot line for every movie?

    What do you guys think? To be clear: this isn't a knock on the movies. I'm just curious if you guys notice this too. Jack Sparrow, down on his luck, is rescued by a gang of misfits and has to fight disgruntled undead pirates aided my supernatural forces. I'm pretty sure that applies to every...
  12. Laseander

    Video TLOPO Let's Play!

    Hi everyone. I'm posting this to announce that I will be doing a TLOPO Let's Play. I got an Alpha Key a while back from helping the staff, and I've decided I want to give people without a key an opportunity to stay connected with the game. I will be starting this LP tomorrow, May 22nd, at around...
  13. Laseander

    Recruiting Chosen Few - a guild for the chill, extraordinary player

    Welcome to the official recruitment page for Chosen Few.:buds: We are a guild based on one thing - kicking "booty", and doing it in style. Looting, PvP, SvS, we do it all. We're a group of pirates who want to stretch the limits on what a guild can do. We believe in quality, not quantity. But...
  14. Laseander

    Ahoy, call me Laseander

    Hello everyone. My name's Laseander. I got a TLOPO key just about 6 months ago, but unfortunately school stopped me from being able to play much. Now that summer's here and I'm finally free, I plan to livestream plenty of TLOPO. Here's my channel: I hope you're able to...
  15. Laseander

    Stream Who's up for a TLOPO livestream?

    Hi everyone, My name's Laseander and I'm a (kind of) new TLOPO streamer/player. I got a key back in January but school made it impossible to play. Now that I have the time, I figure I should put my key to good use. Since I know a lot of people have worked really hard to get a key yet still...