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  1. Henry Smidget

    Question Does anyone remember the guild "Seas The Day" in old POTCO?

    Anyone alive from this guild?
  2. Henry Smidget

    Discussion Any ETA on cannon defense?

    I can't be the only one who's tired of buying ammo lol looking forward to seeing rams & cannon defense fixed
  3. Henry Smidget

    Question FPS on Windows 10.

    Win10 isn't to blame for your low fps. A lot of us use it.
  4. Henry Smidget

    Your Internet Speed

  5. Henry Smidget

    Server down?

    right after I posted it, it started working. lol
  6. Henry Smidget

    Server down?

    same here
  7. Henry Smidget

    Question Disconnecting with loot?

    You get the gold but not the loot I think.
  8. Henry Smidget


    They're improving the game, it will be worth it.
  9. Henry Smidget

    Memory leak scanner

    So it just checks memory usage for tlopo.exe?
  10. Henry Smidget

    Get rid of grr

    replace with [censored] so new players know what it means.
  11. Henry Smidget


    If you have vsync on turn it off. For some reason on this game it ruins fps, not just locks it. I have an i5 6600k and GTX 960 and have higher fps than that so something's up.
  12. Henry Smidget

    People cheating to get to max lvl

    They're just making it boring for themselves. I woulda asked them how they did it so I could email the glitch to the devs.