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  1. Oubliette

    Recruiting Sort of

    In every game I play I feel something when I am invited to join a guild. Not always the same thing. I'm old enough that I don't conform to a group well. But I feel (for me) like ignoring the invite or just saying "No" is rude so I try to answer politely although I was in the middle of...
  2. Oubliette

    Question soot

    How do I wash my pirates face? I've spent a good 80% of the past hour being on fire ... so I assume it is residual like the rancid fly trap fumes. Trying logging out and back in.
  3. Oubliette

    Question how does powerful work

    I gather it is desirable ... is it hidden damage bonuses? is it timed skill that you use and recharge? Is it already reflected in the stated damage for the weapon?
  4. Oubliette

    Question Complaint

    1) "your internet connection to the game has been lost" my internet connection to everything else is fine ... sooooo seriously .. if I score a skull chest while sailing I head right to port. Half the times I'm out sailing I lose the hold contents.
  5. Oubliette

    Public Ship

    Any time I go out to sink ships I try to remember to turn on permissions for public. I don't go on my own mat runs, but I figure there have to be pirates out there that need an opportunity to work their canon skills. Welcome aboard. If you can't get a board, get a shingle. (that was my dad's...
  6. Oubliette

    Question assorted extreme newbie ?'s

    1) is there a 'usual' duration that the game is down for updates? 2) I'm getting close to level 15 sailing and my cash isn't keeping pace in order to buy a war ship ... I know I can fish for money, are there other things? 3) witch doctors had me all riled up ... I have to walk up to an enemy...
  7. Oubliette

    Question looting on land

    Is there a hot key for 'take all'? When I need to collect that loot in the middle of a fracas I feel like I'm "posing for animal crackers" and every undead, Navy, thug is hitting me. I use the right mouse key for steering so my cursor could be anywhere.
  8. Oubliette

    Nothing worse than a dead forum

    I see that there are a large number of forum threads that instruct and inform us. Especially us little folk. I am not a social player. I'm always running for some silly, dragging on quest (JUNE!) or sailing looking for specific ships to sink. So I never take the time to talk in game. It...
  9. Oubliette

    Game crash on intial login updates

    Windows 10 64bit 4GB RAM Have never been able to login on this PC. Loaded the game (did several initial updates.) When trying to log into game Windows closes it during updates. Looks like an issue reported 3 years ago. the workaround suggested then does not work.
  10. Oubliette

    Ahoy, I'm Oubliette

    I had played Disney's version for a couple years. My ex-fiancee and I made a good team .. at least in PotC heh. I was quite glad to find this game. Thank you, see you on the high seas, Oubliette