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    Registration/unregistration Whew, at least they all seem safe and POTCO related, at first glance.
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    Glitch  Whats With My Pirates 'new' Body?!?

    Eh? Crazy Ned and Scary Mary are a match made in heaven! Who knows, maybe that's where we got Igor? Note: Prove it to yourself! Throw siege bombs at Mary, Ned and Igor - none take damage, all just laugh when you try! QED.
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    Event  Tell Disney To Fix The Leaderboards Week

    ROTFL - just what the world needs - more EdEd impersonators. (I personally know only 6 people that still have "impersonator" EdEds - but there are at least a dozen more that I haven't met yet.)
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    Pirate Profile: Edward Edgemenae

    He's featured in my most recent (erm, not-so-recent) youtube video, visiting the Dog on outcast. But while he is basic, I don't play him at all (or his clothing gets reset to underwear.)
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    Treasure Fleet

    Try for some tips.
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    Treasure Fleet

    I missed today's?
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    Pirate Profile: Edward Edgemenae

    Houseguests talking about leaving soon. I won't do cannon defense on more than 15 Edwards though. The low level Edwards just don't need revenant rams. And I'm not trying on basic accounts again, any time in the forseeable future.
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    What Is Rep-stealing? A Quick Primer

    Can't call you stupid for that at all. If I play with your wording a little, it is perhaps another, maybe better definition of a rep-stealer. "Someone who takes everything out, not giving anyone else a chance." I might add something about attitude or motivation...or, maybe not. With the new...
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    Pc Equipment

    I've never had a video card upgrade give the desired benefits. There are too many integration issues, where a specific card will be tuned for a specific architecture. New computer purchase decisions can take the graphics card into consideration, but a straight upgrade often ends badly.
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    Pirate Profile: Edward Edgemenae

    No way! Igor, you've only met Oldtimer (#9 above) and veded (not pictured) and 3 or 4 others (also not pictured.) I'm not planning on posting all of them...nor even half of them. 1) KotB EdEd was created Spetember 2nd 2009, the day after they raised the notoriety caps. On a 2-week guest...
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    Pirate Profile: Edward Edgemenae

    oh crud, forgot to ask ppl not to post here while I play with editing it. Oh well. I was going to link each to their entries in the pirates directory, maybe fix the spacing and stuff. Really pretty impossible without TABLE (bbcode) so perhaps it isn't worth the effort. The "skinny Gilligan...
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    Pirate Profile: Edward Edgemenae

    <<<Please note - this is just a test; probably just gonna delete this thread when done experimenting.>>> It's true - there are more Edward Edgemenace's that I've created and leveled, than I can count. Here are some of the most special Edwards. 1) King Of the Basics 2) 2010 EdEd...
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    Does Anyone Like The New Potco Website?

    Why do you think that? Last time they force-fed a miserable redesign of the main page, it was after a momentary preview period. They don't have a great track record for learning from their mistakes; for example, the leaderboards could have been fixed ages ago.
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    Is there any limit on the length of comments posted you someone's profile? When I try to post...

    Is there any limit on the length of comments posted you someone's profile? When I try to post on my own, it doesn't let me upload an image, nor does it let me do any more than 140 characters. I suppose that's ok, just wondering if I'm missing the purpose of profile page comments, or what. Are...
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    Pirate Profiles

    Thanks - much nicer solution!
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    Coming Soon ... New Residents Setting Up Shop

    Uh, no more inventory room for the new items? THROW EM BACK!
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    Does Anyone Like The New Potco Website?

    That message has been there for a long time now. (Since June 11th, I believe.)
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    Dating On Potco?

    What would Helga say?!?!?!?!?
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    Dating On Potco?

    I've had someone jokingly ask to be my pirate daughter. JUST SAY NO. If they are old enough to understand it as a joke - and keep it as a joke, they won't be weird enough to make such a weird request. If they do ask, they have serious issues that need professional help...not anything you or I...
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    Does Anyone Like The New Potco Website?

    Wow, just going there sends me to so I hadn't noticed. Looks like they really thought through the problem with the leaderboards and realized it is better not to have them at all.