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    Discussion Disneyland minecraft sever

    someone made a disneyland minecraft server and its amazing
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    Recruiting Parley

    Parley is a new guild looking for people to join anyone is welcome guild parley is a small new guild founded 3/25/2019 Rules 1 Be nice to one another 2 always ask before teleport 3 last rule have fun :) Discord we do have a discord if you want to join are discord please inbox me for discord...
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    Discussion 15,000 MEMBERS!!

    congratulations pirates forums for hitting 15,000 members
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    Discussion Atlas

    Atlas is an upcoming pirate MMO
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    New summer forum look

    Loving the new forums look thanks @Irene for your amazing work you are truly an artist :)
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    Discussion Amazon announces 'Lord of the Rings' TV show

    Amazon is going to Middle Earth. The streaming service on Monday announced it is bringing J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy epic to television, with a multiple season commitment. The television series will take place before the 2001 feature film "The Fellowship of the Ring," which kicked off the trilogy...
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    Discussion Disney is launching its own streaming service, pulling out of deal with Netflix

    Disney announced today, during the company’s latest earnings report, that it will no longer be partnering with Netflix and instead will be launching a streaming service of its own. The Disney-branded direct-to-consumer streaming service will launch some time in 2019 and will become the...
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    Recruiting The Dark Souls

    Anyone is always welcome to join and feel free to pm me if you are intrested on joining Looking forward on seeing you in the guild
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    Release Notes 2017-7-25 tlopo-rc-1.3.8

    Bugfixes Fixed a district reset with loot. Maintenance Added some debugging tools to determine the cause of enemies dying twice. Code cleanup.
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    Release Notes 2017-7-24 tlopo-rc-1.3.7

    2017-7-24 tlopo-rc-1.3.7 Bugfixes Fixed an internal exception with the Whitelist. Fixed an issue with displaying an incorrect message when a guild name was rejected (rejected - not a duplicate name!) Fixed an issue where players would not leave their crews when teleporting cross-shard...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-20 tlopo-rc-1.3.6

    2017-7-20 tlopo-rc-1.3.6 Bugfixes Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to launch their ships. Fixed an issue with cannons not being created on ships. Swift Foot's effects are now working. NOTE: the effect will not persist across servers at this time. This will be corrected in a later...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-20 tlopo-rc-1.3.5

    Features Added several new ship name prefixes and suffixes to the ship name chooser. Aura area-of-effect skills on some staves have been implemented. The "Last Seen" feature on player cards has returned! Bugfixes Fixed a crash with ships and teleporting. Fixed a number of internal exceptions...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-19 tlopo-rc-1.3.4

    Bugfixes Corrected an issue with Treasure Sense not calculating properly. Fixed an issue with certain ammo types not dropping. Fixed an issue with returning the correct number of skill points upon skill retrain. Fixed "knockdown" skills so they properly prevent the avatar from attacking. Fixed...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-17 tlopo-rc-v1.3.3

    Bugfixes Fixed enemy spawn rotation. Fixed boss spawns. Maintenance Added some improvements to the client runtime which may result in faster loading times. Code cleanup. Implemented rate-limiting of boss skill usage.
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    Release Notes 2017-7-16 tlopo-rc-v1.3.2

    Bugfixes Enemies will no longer attack if they have no Voodoo. Enemies' skills will now be affected by a cooldown to ensure skills are not used repetitively. Enemy spawns will now properly rotate between enemy types. Fixed an issue with flagships and crew members. Grave Shackles now properly...
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    Posted by O’Malley on July 15, 2017, 3:30 p.m. Oh! Well, hello there! I’d like to stay and chat but just look behind ye! Thar be a massive line! People be linin’ up to get ther hands on these fancy new designs that just came in! Pirates from all over be wantin’ ‘em on ther ships! Ye can...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-15 tlopo-rc-v1.3.1

    Features Added 14 new sail emblems, some designed by the winners of our recent Beta Key contest. Other winning designs will be added to the game as tattoos at a later date. Added 14 new sail colors, including 5 new striped designs. Bugfixes Fixed Storm Chaser hull design. It no will no longer...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-12 tlopo-rc-v1.3.0

    2017-7-12 tlopo-rc-v1.3.0 Features Damage over time, heal over time, and other buff/debuff effects have been added! Bugfixes Fixed several crashes with ships. Fixed a crash that caused a district reset after leaving an area in rare circumstances. Fixed issues that caused Open Fire and Take...
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    Blog Post A NEW FACE, PART 2

    Posted by ??? on July 10, 2017, 2 p.m. The heat of the Caribbean sun beat down on my back as I finished my chores for the day. It had been a week since I last looked at the book and I settled on reading it by candlelight come nightfall. In the meantime though, food called and the smell of...
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    Release Notes 2017-7-9 tlopo-rc-v1.2.8

    Bugfixes Fixed an issue preventing players from teleporting cross-server while in-game. Fixed a glitch where players would be able to attune more than 5 targets with the Voodoo Doll. Fixed some issues with ships being improperly generated. Fixed the order of ammo pouches and cannon barrels in...