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  1. Victoria

    Glitch  Weird Glitch

    I know what happens in a fishery. Initially you throw your bait. Close. Press Ocean Eyes and the space bar. After this, throw again, very nice... lol
  2. Victoria

    How I Came To Potco And Spania!

    Magnific story Sven, congrats.
  3. Victoria

    Ravens Cove

    What I liked most was the skeletal poker also. I believe there should be a little bigger
  4. Victoria

    Mikes Pirate Life

    nice story Mike
  5. Victoria

    1 Year Off Pirates

    I also play for 1 year. It is also my first online game.
  6. Victoria

    Omg My Pirate Just.......

    Good stories have been told here. Congratulations Veterans Pirates. But I have a sad story. I was married to a fisherman. He loved eating puffer fish (fugu). I was tired of married life, for my spirit pirate surfaced. One day, on purpose, I forgot to clean the gall of a delicious "fugu"...
  7. Victoria

    Your Famed & Legendary Weapons

    So I got the famed on Isla Tormenta, one doll with DH. My brother told me that he got El Patron and other sword with 80 of the attack (i dont remember the name) on Tormenta too. But in desert server. He also told me that traversed the entire Caribean killing all Boss. But when he was tired in...
  8. Victoria

    Capped Levels

    Yes, everyone deserves a happy retirement and a place in the sky ;)
  9. Victoria

    Positions Open - Apply Now

    I vote on Meg
  10. Victoria

    Full Moon Phases

    Magnificent! I love it. Should not be limited only the time of the curse that befalls the pirate. Or should increase the time that the curse acts upon us, about 10 minutes.
  11. Victoria

    Approval -_-

    Hi De, nice to see you here...