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  1. Marvin Wolf

    Glitch Blocked in Jail

    any fixes for this? (besides uninstalling, clearing cache)
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  3. Marvin Wolf

    Mature Server?

    So what do u guys think? edit: I also want to add that club penguin rewritten added such a server, a good exemple of a *friendly* game
  4. Marvin Wolf

    Idea Undead Potions

    A couple of months ago, there was a thread about potions you may brew that will make your character undead. My idea here is for this type of potion to be an Halloween exclusive one. In Hollowed Woods there is already a place where you can brew potions, at Myrna, so in my perspective it shouldn't...
  5. Marvin Wolf

    Weekend Events

    Double Xp, Double Mats thats what I would want to make the lvl grind a bit ez. It would be a bit more exciting till new content comes up. Dont let it flop.
  6. Marvin Wolf


    aaaaa someone explain it
  7. Marvin Wolf

    TLOPO *leaks*

    thats what I have found..
  8. Marvin Wolf

    Rate the Outfits !

    why not right? show the best u got !
  9. Marvin Wolf

    sooo.. Zac Efron?

  10. Marvin Wolf


    Any updates on Escondida?
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  12. Marvin Wolf

    more hairstyles?

  13. Marvin Wolf

    The Queen Anne's Revenge

    The Queen Anne's Revenge will it ever come back? For people who dont know what it is
  14. Marvin Wolf

    siege needs to get reworked asap

    Yea yea Happy New Year and all.. got back for a bit of looting at gold room as always and I noticed siege got nerfed bad. Now it takes around 3 shots to kill Seabards and Moluks that are under level 40, and 4 sometimes 5 for over level 40. No one asked for siege to get nerfed, reworked? Yes...