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  1. Robert Darkrage

    Davy Jones and El Patron Invasions

    I think it would be nice to have some themed invasions at Tormenta and Raven's /Mines with enemies dropping loot as usual and rewards at the end. It would encourage players and guilds looting together, get good stuff while helping others to level up.
  2. Robert Darkrage

    Not working abilities?

    Just a side note, the +3 Viper's Nest Boost doesn't seem to work, I have compared the skill damage with other knives and at least to me the boost doesn't seem to work. Please move this if it belongs to another thread, otherwise, continue to report any suspect not working abilities. Thank you!
  3. Robert Darkrage

    Game down?

    Is the game down?
  4. Robert Darkrage

    Blimey Skulls

    Post your top trash skull chest. 1):skullpeak:
  5. Robert Darkrage

    Server down?

    Is the server down or just a bug at my end?
  6. Robert Darkrage

    Server update

    Does anyone have an estimated time for this? As we moving forward, aside from emergency updates I think announced maintenance, updates would be welcomed by many.
  7. Robert Darkrage

    Server unavailable?

    Is the game down? It says the server is temporary unavailable.
  8. Robert Darkrage

    State of the game

    I want to start saying what a tremendous job you have done reviving this game which has a deep sentimental value for all of us. Reviving the game it's a true statement to the passion behind it, developers and players alike. Regarding the state of the game - I believe it would be beneficial for...
  9. Robert Darkrage

    My Fellow Pirates...Long Time No See!

    I'M BACK... WITH VENGEANCE! Gentlemen. I be placed in a bewilderment. There I were, resting. And upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on deck. Sailors abandoning their posts, without orders, without leave. Men before the mast, taking the ship for themselves. What be that, First Mate?
  10. Robert Darkrage

    Server maintenance

    Does the server maintenance/updates cut into the reserved play time?
  11. Robert Darkrage

    Petition to other gaming companies

    It just came to my mind that we could also try a different approach which I think it has a pretty good chance of success. I am suggesting to petition other gaming companies that could take over the game from Disney and move it forward. There are alot of examples out there but I give you a...
  12. Robert Darkrage

    Your Favourite Outfits

    This thread purpose is about making a fashion statement, talking and/or showing your favourite outfits. I think it would help all of us develop creatively even more suitable outfits. Please post screens and/or descriptions of the items.
  13. Robert Darkrage

    Isla Tormenta Famed and Legendaries

    Regarding Tormenta I was wondering historically where has everyone looted more of their famed and/or legendaries. What is the percentage of famed and/or legendaries looted in specific areas inside Cursed Caves?
  14. Robert Darkrage

    Robert Darkrage

    Hello Everyone! I want to thank everyone for their warm welcome! Just a quick introduction, I have played pretty much since the beginning then I quit for other games while the pirate blade was our strongest weapon... Needless to say I'm back and for a couple weeks now ruthlessly looting for...