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  1. Maxamillion

    Counting up to 50,000

    23706 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
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    this dude kodak said, "im da πŸ’© im fartin... idk how to potty" and dipped
  3. Maxamillion

    PvP Pvp Rankings (Active players) By Lotus,Jock,Mosey

    can confirm thru sources stephen teague is built different
  4. Maxamillion

    The Pirate Rules of Etiquette

  5. Maxamillion

    Loot TLOPO Looting Tier List

    no way man
  6. Maxamillion

    Discussion Just going to post this here

    somebody ACTUALLY thought the video was anti government and patriotic LOOL.... anyway amazing video i might give an opinion on what I'd like to see because people only classify me as a role play reject gorilla :mad: i like to embrace all walks of life in the game but with efficiency and...
  7. Maxamillion

    Loot TLOPO Looting Tier List

    i am so freaking hyped and thankful 🐒
  8. Maxamillion

    Recruiting The British Empire

    Seeing as game population is slowly deteriorating despite it being summer still, The British Empire wishes to bring some activity to the TLOPO forums. We will discuss anything that will happen within the guild here as well as on our guild discord which you can obtain when you first join. The...
  9. Maxamillion

    The Legend of Pirates Online, an ongoing POTCO recreation.

    I just have to say how thankful I am for this game to be recreated. I give these college and High School students or whomever is working on this project THEIR PROPS. You guys have ACTUALLY done a lot for this game. People who complain and bicker about "bugs" and "omg the devs this the devs...
  10. Maxamillion

    Idea Guild option ideas

    'Ello. I was on forums long ago, but it was during the time where we had no game to play and I'd just get myself hyped up for no reason to start discussions. Now that I see the game is at least going in the right direction, I just wanted to throw some ideas out there that maybe the developers...