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  1. Marvin Wolf

    Loot TLOPO Looting Tier List

    solid. wheres Sal?
  2. Marvin Wolf

    Discussion Just going to post this here

    -waiting for someone with a red name to respond to the video-
  3. Marvin Wolf

    Discussion MEGATHREAD: TLOPO/POTCO Lore Discussion

    why is this still a thing?
  4. Marvin Wolf

    Yay Im 23 now

    Happy Birthday! Hope its great ! :*
  5. Marvin Wolf

    Can't Log On to Pirate

    hello buddy! welcome to the club. Im having the same issue as you and John Foulroberts already announced they are working on it. Till then no tlopo for us. .
  6. Marvin Wolf

    Glitch Blocked in Jail

    dang man. hopefully we get it back. TLOPO GODS
  7. Marvin Wolf

    Glitch Blocked in Jail

    till then rip my pirate Wayne August 1 2019 - June 2 2020.
  8. Marvin Wolf

    Glitch Blocked in Jail

    I contacted tlopo support. I suggest u do that too.
  9. Marvin Wolf

    Glitch Blocked in Jail

    any fixes for this? (besides uninstalling, clearing cache)
  10. Marvin Wolf

    No one is at Windshadow on any server.

    In this rough times I recommend u join a guild. Guild mateys would announce if theres any otps around.
  11. Marvin Wolf

    forgot password

    id say u contact asap.
  12. Marvin Wolf

    Idea Choose One Song You'd Like To Hear In TLOPO

    Leave Her Johnny from Assassin Creed BF. If musicians were on ships, Fish in the Sea would also be bomb.
  13. Marvin Wolf

    Idea Dev Feedback: Padres Facelift

    Looks good! As the vegetation goes, I think the hole Padres itself needs more gray clouds (especially when the volcano is about to erupt) and if weather would come back, acid rain.
  14. Marvin Wolf

    Where is The Watcher?

    Heres everything u need to know about Hollowed Woods credits to Misha she gets stuck most of the times in walls. The only server I saw her recently was Kokojilo, try there.