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  1. Black Beard

    Blacks Brigade

    Google, Blacks Brigade Wiki Foundry, click on the link then choose " Full Website " at bottom of page left side. Real Pirate Information and Good TLOPO Tips. Unreleased Items ( Spoiler )
  2. Black Beard

    Quests Defeat 8 Undead Gypsies in El Sudoron on Padres Del Fuego. (0 of 8)

    I am doing the Liberation Of The Black Pearl Quest, 87% Story Quest: The Black Pearl Crew, 86% Black Pearl Recruit: Giladoga, 75% Key # 6, 50% Adoria's Revenge 1 of 2 Items Defeat Executioners, Completed Defeat Gypsies, 0 of 8 ...................Defeat 8 Undead Gypsies in El Sudoron on...
  3. Black Beard

    Ahoy, I'm wingsls

    AKA, from the old POTC Online: Black Beard Blacky The Black Pirate Black Morgan The Pirate Black Bandit Arrrrgh, hoping to see you on the high seas soon!