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  1. Nate Dreadshot


    3rd pirate with Merc... 11th legendary from Rem
  2. Nate Dreadshot


    Decided to mess around at Foul... maybe get the demon fangs I've yet to get on main.. SF 14 30th legendary overall so that's cool at least
  3. Nate Dreadshot

    Suggestion The Official Whitelist Suggestion Thread

    Pharoahe Pharoahe's 's name, and 's would be really nice for making anything possessive
  4. Nate Dreadshot

    Screenshots Make your own Weapon Card!

    Awesome weapon and card design by @Roger-Daniel The "Fer-de-lance" is a dangerous pit viper found near and in the Caribbean, including a Spanish settled island. Foulberto Smasho is a very dangerous boss known for throwing knives, whom is also Spanish. These Vipers Nest boosting, critical...
  5. Nate Dreadshot

    Critical Strikes

    Critical Strike works, and will do doubled damage every so often. However the damage numbers shown do not always line up with the damage dealt, so sometimes you'll do critical damage and it will show normal numbers or you'll do normal damage and it will show critical numbers.
  6. Nate Dreadshot

    Guild Name Request

    Sometimes the requests don't go through, in one case of my requests it ended up that the guild name was already in existence. But this may not be the case. I would just contact support
  7. Nate Dreadshot

    Screenshots Make your own Weapon Card!

    😯 Wow didn't realize, guess that's where my brain subconsciously came up with that awesome name!! 🤣 Either way, thanks!
  8. Nate Dreadshot

    Screenshots Make your own Weapon Card!

    Ideas for a weapon I had, refined and very nicely designed by @Roger-Daniel A weapon with multiple Skills would be very fun, this one with Intimidate which would trigger automatically, Intoxicate to inflict your opponent with a random effect a potent venom from a scorpion might subject it's...
  9. Nate Dreadshot

    Suggestion Legendary Announcement / Global Chat

    Nah I meant like completely different chat, all those show up together, yes you select diff to type in but they all show up in same spot. I'd prefer not to be completely spammed and have all my chats diluted from a global, so it would have to be completely separate, only visible once you click...
  10. Nate Dreadshot

    Screenshots Your best pouches and chests

    Found my first pouch famed
  11. Nate Dreadshot

    Suggestion Legendary Announcement / Global Chat

    I'd rather not have my legendary finds immediately broadcasted to the entire population when I get them. I'd rather share to whom and when I'd like, and have a moment to be happy myself. Not to mention if trading came along with those announcements it would be like trying to hide from a mob...
  12. Nate Dreadshot

    Happy New Year!

    Maybe the Soaring Twenties since the Roaring Twenties already happened..? We'll see
  13. Nate Dreadshot

    Screenshots TLOPO Beta Screenshots

    Molotov Pondering Chicken Jones' Crew Escape Attempt
  14. Nate Dreadshot

    Frostedge Repeater Pistol, Where you at!

    Eh looks pretty bad to me, rather see other things anyway 🤷‍♂️
  15. Nate Dreadshot

    Video TLOPO Skill Changes

    Sweet to see use coming to the useless! Loved backstab before but now..... 😏
  16. Nate Dreadshot

    Request Find all 4 boss types for every enemy!

    French Undead Quartermaster