Discussion 15,000 MEMBERS!!

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Thank you, piratesforums! :flag:

I cannot imagine (at all) where I would be online, or what I would have done, if not for this place as an outlet separate from the mundane other social-media outlets tend to become.

(Community is a real and important thing for me. This forums has and always will be a way for myself to tap into the really cool way complete strangers [from all around the world] can and have established relationships separate from their own game-play).

*Congratulations pirates forums! Thank you, forums administrators! ;)

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Fifteen-thousand already? I remember when TLOPO first started.
Those were the days, back when I was colorful.
Nevertheless, it is always satisfying to see the community grow.
It means that more people are experiencing the nostalgia from the POTCO era and creating new experiences through the new content of TLOPO.
Hopefully, we may eventually reach twenty-thousand members by 2020. Maybe even thirty-thousand.
Either way, the consistent growth of the community means that it will not die out anytime soon.
And this is a fact that puts me in a good mood.


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That's amazing, but I can't help wondering how many of those are alts, liking, responding and following each other.
Seems certain members have a cult following here, always backing each other up.
What's that new word called?
I'd say there's 100 to 150 active posters on the forums, with more readers.
I know I have several "alts" from my POTCO days, when I could never remember my login info and made a new account each time, so there's that too.