Event 1st Ever Joke Night Mon 4 th Nov, Faithful Bride Andaba (Free Rum & Grog!)

Solomon Helmfitte

Notorious Pirate
Ahoy All Scallywags!

Starting this coming Monday 4 th Nov a band of Notorious Pirate have conspired to create a new event on the Horizon! The first Monday of very Month a plethora of disreputable Pirate will been convening in the Faithful Bride on Andaba fer Joke Night.

There will be Free Rum, Grog & Music! We expect spirits will be high as Pirates from all over The Caribbean share their humor gleaned on travels to the farthest shores of the Known World... nuggets of merriment akin to Doubloons, Pieces of Eight and Gold!

The banter will be starting 6 pm West Coast US, 9 pm East Coast US first Monday of Every Month... start yer month off with a chortle! If you live in other parts of the Known World please refer to yer Globe or Stars.

So if you've ever heard or know of a Corny Joke this is fer you, if you like High Brow humor this is also fer you, if you know what you call a Deer with no eyes? ( No idea... get it ) Or have ever heard a knock, knock at ye door... Who's there? Dr...
Dr Who? How'd ye know me name! : ) This is fer you!

We hope that in time even Jack may share some of his many amusing stories... as he has been known to do "Did I ever tell you about the time..."

See you Monday 6 pm West Coast, 9 pm East Coast every first Monday of the Month Faithful Bride Andaba! Rum, Grog and merriment till the last Pirate standing! Arr!

(This message has been sanctioned by The Brethren Court)
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