Release Notes 2018-11-29 tlopo-rc-v1.18.5

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  • The Legend of Pirates Online will soon no longer support 32-bit computers. Upon when TLOPO stops supporting 32-bit computers, those with 32-bit computers will no longer be able to run TLOPO on their computer. This is a final warning for all 32-bit players.
  • Several new weapons have been added to Hollowed Woods.
    • The Watcher will now drop 3 new legendary weapons.
    • Dry Rot will now drop 1 new legendary weapon.
  • Visit Loopy Lawrence near Anne Goldsilver on Port Royal for a hint at something...
  • Added deprecation dialog warning for 32-bit players on the avatar chooser.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Hollowed Woods holiday has been extended to December 31st.
  • The Sapphire Curse now has a blue motion trail.
  • Updated the whitelist and blacklist.
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