Release Notes 2018-5-18 tlopo-rc-v1.14.0

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    • An all-new Mother's Day tattoo design for the face, chest, and arms is available at all tattoo shops.
      • A new St. Patrick's Day design has also been implemented and will be available next year.
    • Guilds have a new rank: Co-Guildmaster!
      • Co-Guildmasters will have all of the permissions the Guildmaster has, except they cannot name a new GM or submit a guild name for review.
      • They will be able to kick Members, Veterans, and Officers.
      • They can promote anyone all the way from Member up to Officer. Only the GM can name Co-GMs.
      • There is no limit on the number of Co-GMs a guild can have, but it is recommended that the Guildmaster does not give out the position lightly.
      • If a Guildmaster names someone new as the head of the guild, they will now step down to the rank of Co-GM instead of Officer.
      • If a Guildmaster pirate is deleted, the game will automatically select one of the Co-GMs to be the new GM instead of an Officer. If there are no Co-GMs, the game will pick from the next highest possible rank, whether that be Officer, Veteran, or Member.
      • In order to promote someone to the rank of Co-Guildmaster, they must already be an Officer.
    • Invasions are now 75% more likely to occur.
    • Males: Leather Vests can now be colored. Bright variants can also drop in loot.
    • Over 70 new HD hat textures have been implemented.
      • Not every hat is HD, but you should notice a significant improvement in quality for the majority of them.
    • PvP has been enhanced! This has been highly requested, and we're so happy to finally deliver. There is more to come!
      • Players can crew up and queue for a Mayhem match to face off against each other!
      • Players can queue solo looking for matches with other players, now more than 1v1. Face off against anywhere between 2 and 8 pirates!
    • The Caribbean is getting more musical:
      • Holiday songs will no longer fib and say "Coming Soon." Instead, they're referenced as a "Holiday Song" and to check back in the winter.
      • Musicians are now playing many more tunes, some all-new to TLOPO! Pay 'em a few doubloons and have a good time with yer mates.
      • Musicians have been added to Cuba, Padres del Fuego, Ile d'Etable de Porc, and Isla de la Avaricia!
      • Musicians have been added to the Rowdy Rooster (Port Royal) and the Faithful Bride (Tortuga).
      • Sid Shufflefoot from the Brethren Feast + Mardi Gras is now an actual musician - you can pay him to take requests!
      • We have rewritten musicians so they can function anywhere, not just in taverns. This will allow for a lot of possibilities down the line.
    • The Lookout system has been entirely rewritten on the back-end. This has allowed for the following changes:
      • Players can now queue for a match as a crew.
      • The time it takes to find a match has been upped from 10 seconds to 30 seconds to smoothen the process.
    • The "Puke" Potion has been added! Yuck, what's in that thing? Visit Padres del Fuego to brew one.
    • Underground Parlor Games are now live! Queue solo or with friends to engage in private Blackjack or Poker games. This is also a great spot for guild meetings!
    • We've added some new music and sound effects!
      • A new sound effect for scorpion death/knockdown has been added.
      • A new sound effect for the Brawl sword skill has been added.
      • Our original Fort Charles music from Alpha has returned!
    • We have overhauled the invite code system for guilds. Previously, it was subject to abuse, with players forcing themselves back into guilds over and over.
      • Limited-use invite codes are now limited to a maximum of 20 uses, down from 100.
      • Officers can now only generate limited-use codes.
      • Only the Guildmaster and Co-Guildmasters can generate unlimited invite codes. Both the GM and Co-GM have the ability to clear any invite codes.
      • Players who use invite codes to join a guild will now trigger a chat notification to be sent to everyone else in the guild (similar to a regular invitation).
      • Veterans can no longer generate any codes.
    • We've added two more sail emblems to shipwrights! They're community created, too!
    • Invasion fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where enemies would continue attacking after the invasion ends.
      • Fixed an issue that caused certain players to receive zero reputation points at the end of an invasion.
      • Fixed an issue that caused enemies to not attack barricades during an invasion.
      • Fixed an issue that caused Jolly Roger to attack barricades from across the island.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the fog around Jolly Roger's ship to persist after an invasion ended.
      • Fixed an issue with Invasions displaying incorrect time durations when using the /event and /holiday commands.
      • Fixed several crashes with the end of an invasion.
      • Jolly Roger's health has been increased. He is no longer a pushover!
      • Made several enhancements to the behavior of Jolly Roger and other enemies during an invasion.
      • Rewrote how reputation is distributed to hopefully correct players not receiving enough reputation at the end of an invasion.
    • Invasion district reset fixes:
      • Fixed a district reset that would occur if Jolly Roger won an invasion.
      • Fixed a district reset with enemy movement when a skeleton dies during an invasion.
    • Lookout/Matchmaking fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where the lookout panel wouldn't reset after a match, preventing the player from queuing again.
      • Fixed a district reset when teleporting to a friend in a parlor game.
      • Fixed a district reset with canceling a queue.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the queue to stall if there was a disconnected crew member.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented players from spawning together in a parlor game.
      • Fixed an issue where PvP invites would hang for a long time.
      • Fixed an issue would cause players to load a PvP match when queuing for a parlor game.
      • Fixed several district resets with queuing for a match.
    • Miscellaneous fixes:
      • Fixed a district reset that occurred when attacking enemies.
      • Fixed a district reset with random boss enemies not having a name.
      • Fixed an exploit with a potion inventory slot that caused some potion effects to never expire.
      • Fixed an exploit with grenades where players would switch to a new weapon while the grenade was still in midair, causing massive damage.
      • Fixed an issue with bone drops from the Hollowed Woods Anniversary event. When the event is live again, bones will no longer eat up a slot for loot. They will use an extra slot.
      • Partially fixed the attune sound effect bug. It'll still persist, but won't get louder.
      • Pedro del Mar in the Avaricia Tavern is no longer floating.
      • Players who are knocked out during a fight and then revived will now receive loot credit.
      • Reworked how attuning works on the back-end.
    • PvP fixes:
      • Cleaned up the function that hides the introductory message when a match begins.
      • Fixed an exploit with being undead outside of the Curse of the Muertos Moon event.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed players to skip around when pressing 'F7.'
      • Fixed an issue that caused players to crash or hang on a black screen after a game ends.
      • Fixed an issue that caused scoring to not be updated.
      • Fixed an issue that caused someone's kill to be credited as "Unknown."
      • Fixed an issue where players wouldn't spawn in proper spawn positions.
      • Fixed an issue where scoring would be tallied incorrectly.
      • The respawn shield bubble will now automatically respawn if the player begins attacking an opponent.
    • Sailing/SvS fixes: We have sped up the ship task. This should potentially fix the following issues. Please provide feedback!
      • Broadsides will now be less wonky with their aim.
      • Ships will not zip around the screen as much.
    • Tattoo and texture fixes:
      • Pirate Brand tattoos for the face and chest have been fixed - they will no longer appear "scrunched" up.
      • The Hawaiian Pectoral tattoo for the chest has been fixed to not appear "scrunched."
      • The male body texture has been edited to correct a strange light patch on the back of the neck and to add more detail to the shoulders.
      • Train track style scars will no longer be bunched up on male faces, and are now oriented the same as when worn by females.
      • Upper arm tattoos will no longer be scaled improperly on males' right arms.
    • User interface fixes:
      • "Speed" will no longer be listed twice in the ship purchase panel. The second Speed bar is now correctly listed as Sail health points.
      • Adjusted the hint that pops up in your inventory if you have no weapons. It will no longer overlap with the inventory page arrows.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed Veterans to access the guild name submission panel.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the empty inventory hint to not display on the second weapons page.
      • Fixed an issue with the feedback panel that caused pop-up windows to display behind the main feedback window.
      • Fixed preview colors for certain sail colors. A ship with a blue sail won't show as bright pink in the dinghy or sea chest menus.
      • Reworded several messages when inviting or promoting guild members.
      • Rewrote the /holiday and /event commands to display the time left in Days, Hours, Minutes rather than just Hours, Minutes.
    • Changes to holiday date ranges.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Localizer and quest grammar/typo fixes.
    • Whitelist/Blacklist updates.
    Known Issues
    • There are several issues players have let us know about over the past few weeks, particularly concerning quests, bonus quest items, the Queen Anne's Revenge, PvP, and sailing loot.
      • This list is not exhaustive. We are aware of these issues. Just bear with us a little longer as we work on some fixes. Thanks for your patience!
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    I remember around a year ago a certain huge update happened that led to Mood Rock's demise.
    Unfortunately, this update didn't constitute the return of Mood Rock as a one year anniversary present.
    Nevertheless, this update appears to be beneficially productive, which is something the TLOPO community and I can both appreciate.
    I guess it's better luck next year.
    For now, I'll have to endure my greyness...
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    I am unable to obtain a rum bottle from a dig spot on Padres mainland for Gunner. I have dug the spots multiple times each with no success. I have not tried the dig spots in caverns, dungeons, and forests.

    Edit: Does having another buried treasure quest affect another quest of the same type?
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