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Release Notes 2018-6-11 tlopo-rc-v1.15.0

Discussion in 'TLOPO News and Announcements' started by John Foulroberts, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Summer in TLOPO!
    • Enjoy a new "double" event every month. This month, earn double gold June 11th-17th!
    • Redeem the code RED by June 17th for a new Ostrich Hat!
    • Lootable Clothing:
      • New bright colors: Bright Pink, Bright Purple, Electric Blue, and Gold. Lootable at levels 30+!
      • New cotton versions of the following items can now be found in loot, and yes, you can find them in bright colors!
      • Bonnet, Cavalier Hat, Cavalry Hat, Feathered Tricorne, Gaucho, High Wing Hat, Navy Tricorne, Ostrich Hat, Stocking Cap, Stove Hat, Female Long Skirt, Male High Neck Shirt, Male Long Coat, Male Puffy-Sleeved Shirt, Male Shorts
      • New "accented" clothes! These items look like they're dark black, but have white accents. When looted in a bright color, only the white areas will change. The following items are available in accented designs:
      • Cavalier Hat, Cavalry Hat, Feathered Tricorne, High Wing Hat, Navy Tricorne, Ostrich Hat, Closed Female Vest, Embellished Vest, Low Corset, Open Male Vest, Striped Male Tank
      • 16 new stocking caps are now available in loot.
    • Female Clothing:
      • A colorable Long Skirt is now available at a few different tailors.
      • A new hat type, Bonnet, can now be found in loot.
      • All Bandanas, EITC Hats, Ostrich Hats, and Tricornes, are now uni*** and available for females.
      • All unreleased versions of the 3 above hat types will be available for both genders when released.
      • Ladies can now loot the Dark Ostrich Hat.
      • Ladies can now purchase Admiral Hats and Rough Tricornes from Tailors.
      • Now that Ostrich Hats are completely uni***, we expect to see a demand for the quest ostrich hats for females. That functionality isn't available yet, but we are looking into it!
    • Male Clothing:
      • Colorable Long Coats, High Neck Shirts, Puffy-Sleeved Shirts, and Shorts are now available at various tailors.
      • Some unreleased bandanas and bands that were available only for females are now wearable by men as well. They will be available for both genders when released.
      • Turned on the following shirts. They can now be found in loot.
        • Fleet Long Sleeve, Fleet Short Sleeve, Laced Long Sleeve, Laced Short Sleeve
      • Miscellaneous features:
        • Added higher resolution ground and volcano rock textures.
        • Classic 2008 versions of some items are now available... but where???
        • Previously discontinued crude starter weapons are now available at Blacksmiths, Gunsmiths, and Gypsies.
        • We have improved the stats on the Cursed Blade of Yore based on player feedback.
        • Yes! This is one of the new legendary cursed blades. And yes, it has been found! We'll have an announcement and reveal its stats soon! Stay tuned!
      • Jewelry:
        • Jewelry stores have been reworked much like with Tattoos, but for finger rings.
        • Padres del Fuego now sells rings for the ring finger or "third" finger.
        • Port Royal now sells rings for the index finger.
        • Previously discontinued items such as the Golden/Silver Knuckles, single hoop earrings, and lone ear cuffs, are once again for sale at all Jewelers.
        • Tortuga now sells rings for the middle finger. These were the previously released designs.
      • Peddlers:
        • Added another new Peddler outfit, but no spoilers! You'll see what it is in July (which will have two new outfits).
        • Mardi Gras and Caribbean Day tricornes now have feathers for males.
        • New Holiday Peddler Outfit: Fourth of July.
        • The Pilgrim Explorer outfit has been removed from general loot and has been re-purposed as a Thanksgiving holiday outfit.
      • PvP:
        • After each kill, text will appear showing you how many Infamy points you earned. This works for SvS as well.
        • The Brawl sword skill will now stun players in PvP.
        • The Grave Shackles voodoo doll skill is now functional within PvP.
        • The Taunt sword skill will now apply a decrease in accuracy to players in PvP.
        • The Throw Dirt dagger skill and Smoke Bomb grenades will now properly blind players when used. You can even blind yourself with the grenades if you aren't careful!
        • You can now challenge people to PvP on their player cards even if they aren't in the same area as you. This will work cross-island, but not cross-server.
      • PvP Infamy Rewards:
        • French and Spanish vendors now have very different items for sale. The majority of the old items can be found at the Spanish vendor, with new ones on the French isle. The vendor in Barbossa's Grotto sells items from both shops.
        • An entirely new set of face tattoos is available at the French vendor. These can get pretty freaky - wear at your own risk!
        • New "fresh" versions of the Pirate Brand and Bullet Wound scars are now available at the Spanish vendor. You can still by the classic versions on the French island.
        • New coats matching Garcia de la Avaricia and Pierre le Porc are now available at their respective island vendors.
        • Two new eye tattoos are available are Land Infamy rank 4, one on each SvS island.
      • Tattoos:
        • Every island now has a unique catalog. The previous catalog had all the same tattoos on every island.
        • New "Full Chest" versions of some classic tattoos are now available on Padres del Fuego alongside a new Koi Fish arm tattoo.
        • New intricate designs can be found on Tortuga.
        • New tribal-style tattoos can be found on Cuba.
        • The old tattoo selections have been split up between shops on Port Royal and Padres del Fuego.
      • All vendors now have a "sell" button within the shop view. Now you won't have to visit a Peddler every time you want to sell something!
      • New inventory icons have been added for the following items:
      • Bonnet, EITC Boots, Navy Shoes, Cuff Boots, Male Closed Coat, Female Closed Coat, Navy Tricorne, Bandana, Long Skirt, High Neck Shirt
      • Various pieces of jewelry.
      • Various news pop-ups will now use new icons.
    • Miscellaneous fixes:
      • Enemies defeated in Hollowed Woods will now properly count toward quests that require you to kill enemies in any jungle or in any location on Port Royal.
      • Fixed a district reset when going to jail from a flagship.
      • Fixed a district reset when going to jail from the Underground Parlor Games.
      • Fixed a district reset with enemies & barricades in Invasions.
      • Fixed a district reset with random bosses.
      • Fixed an issue that would have caused the Father's Day quest to be unplayable by pirates that completed it last year.
      • The new monkey and skull compass emblems will no longer be used on Treasure Fleet ships.
    • Peddler fixes:
      • Fixed an issue that would have caused the Crimson Captain outfit to expire from the catalog early.
      • Tweaked the August outfit to have a belt for females.
    • PvP fixes:
      • Fixed a crash when accepting an invite.
      • Fixed a district reset when defeating someone in PvP.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed players in a PvP match to teleport to someone in a different match.
      • Fixed an issue that caused some PvP invites to not go through.
      • Fixed an issue where credit would not be awarded properly when someone was defeated with a grenade.
      • Another potential fix for the black screen bug at the end of a match.
      • Unfortunately, this is hard to test internally. We need a large number of players doing PvP to see if the fix did indeed work. Please send us your feedback on this!
      • Prevented connector tunnels from spawning within PvP areas.
      • The game will no longer incorrectly tell you that you ranked up in Infamy after every single kill you make.
    • SvS/Sailing fixes:
      • Increased the speed of the ship task again to hopefully make broadsides less wonky and ships less likely to zip around randomly.
      • Increased the SvS bounty cap to 35,000, up from 1,000.
    • Texture fixes:
      • Adjustments to the female Carnival Day Blouse to remove seams.
      • Disney's previously unused plain High Neck shirt now has folds and texture around the neck.
      • Fixes to the Traveler's Ostrich Hat so there isn't a big gap in the buckle on the top.
      • Made changes to the 2008 version of the Seafoam Corset so it'd work on 2013 bodies a little better.
      • Minor tweaks to the Bonnet texture.
      • Removed a black line from the back of the male Evening Jacket.
    • User Interface fixes:
      • Fixed an issue with the cargo pop-up message not displaying loot earned when a ship is sunk. It'd always show up in your cargo hold, but wouldn't appear in the "Plunder!" notifications.
      • Player cards will now display the island the PvP maps are located on. Tortuga for Pillager's Pass and Padres Del Fuego for Molten Cavern.
    • Added some logging functionality to help debug sailing loot.
      • We know how big of an issue this is, and we're doing everything we can to fix it. This is one big step towards that. Thanks again for your continued patience and support!
    • Changes to holiday date ranges.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Implemented a new functionality for holidays on the backend.
    • Tons of localizer tweaks and fixes. Bad grammar is not tolerated here.
    • We have temporarily disabled the Queen Anne's Revenge so it will not break players' ships while we patch up its bugs.
    • Whitelist and blacklist updates.
    Known Issues
    • The extensive list of known issues from 1.14.0 still stands. We're working on them.
      • Some of them are much more complex than others. We really appreciate your patience. Just hang in there!
    • Some players may notice that the gold drops in the Double Gold Event seem off. The gold is doubled properly, but the way it's displayed makes it look like it's giving you half the amount.
      • The amount, in reality, isn't halved and is still double that of what would normally be looted.
      • This is an old bug from back in Disney days. We will fix it at some point, but other more serious issues, like the ones we listed in 1.14.0, take priority.
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