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    • Team PvP is finally here! Battle in groups in the Pillager's Pass map on Tortuga! Grab your mates and queue for a match in one of the following ways:
      • Form two separate crews and battle the opposite team by selecting the battle button in the player card of one of your opposing teammates.
      • Queue as a crew in the lookout panel or in the player card of another crew member to be split into teams and face off against each other!
      • Queue solo in the lookout panel to be matched on teams randomly with other pirates.
    • Based on community feedback, boss loot has been heavily improved! You should notice an increase in the quality of containers dropped by bosses.
      • To be clear, this does not affect item RARITY rates - just container types.
      • Be sure to leave us your feedback on the forums about this change. More skull chests for all!
    • Craving ink? Be sure to go check out Nina Perpetua in the Las Pulgas tattoo shop for some hot new "full sleeve" arm tattoos.
    • Loot Chests can now be replaced in sailing loot.
      • This does NOT affect anything that drops within Loot Chests or the chance that you plunder a chest in the first place. All it means is more Loot Skull Chests and materials for you and your crew if you so desire!
      • We researched this extensively. This change was put in place to more accurately match the sailing loot experience from the original game.
    • We've added a few new weapons to loot! Most of these were added in order to fill in some holes in a few weapon groups. The following new items were added to complete some weapon groups:
      • Admiral's Broadsword
      • Commodore's Broadsword
      • Corsair's Blunderbuss
      • Divine Musket
      • Divine Pistol
      • Divine Repeater Pistol
      • First Mate's Broadsword
      • Knives of the Bear Idol
      • Knives of the Dark Idol
      • Knives of the Moon Idol
      • Orangutan Blunderbuss
      • Orangutan Broadsword
      • Privateer's Blunderbuss
      • Quartermaster's Broadsword
      • Seven Seas Bayonet
      • Seven Seas Blunderbuss
    • The following previously unreleased weapons are now available in loot:
      • Tyranny Doll
      • Warmonger Doll
      • Gorilla Doll
      • Adventurer Doll
      • Treasure Hunter Doll
      • You can now loot Admiral Broadsword weapon group. This includes the Quartermaster's, First Mate's, Lieutenant's, Commander's, Captain's, Commodore's, Vice Admiral's, and Admiral's Broadswords.
    • We've also added a ton of new random bosses - over 240!
      • Every single enemy type now has 4 random bosses (with the exception of Jumbees, Rage Ghosts, Powder Keg Runners, and Undead Captains).
      • For a refresher: Random bosses are rare powerful enemies that have a low chance of spawning in place of a regular foe. You may go quite a while without seeing one! This has no effect on stationary bosses like General Darkhart.
      • For the first time ever, there are now random bosses for Ghosts and the Crew of the Flying Dutchman! Head on over to Isla Tormenta and Raven's Cove to check them out.
      • Many other miscellaneous enemy types now have bosses too, most notably Navy Officers, Undead Executioners, and many many more.
      • We took a lot of care with the names for these bosses. Be sure to check them out! Many of them are easter eggs calling back to the olden days of POTCO beta (or pre-beta). You may even see some references to lore beyond the game...
    • A new outfit has been added to the game. See it when the Peddlers restock on August 1st!
    • Boss fixes:
      • Fixed an old Disney issue that caused a handful of random bosses to be categorized as roosters, pigs, and ravens. I for one want an angry rooster boss that pecks you to death and drops a legendary, but you can't win 'em all.
      • Fixed an old Disney issue that caused a handful of random bosses to stop spawning.
      • Fixed an old Disney issue that caused dozens of random bosses to be miscategorized. For example, bosses that were Scorpions accidentally turned into Fly Traps.
    • Guild fixes:
      • Fixed a district reset with guild promotions.
      • Fixed an issue where guilds were able to accumulate too many invite tokens, causing some players to be unable to use their pirates if their guild reached this maximum.
    • Miscellaneous fixes:
      • Clothing icon color fixes.
      • Potential fix for players only looting the Gold Tiger Stripe Stocking Cap instead of one of the other 15 new stocking caps.
      • If you're still having issues with this, please send us your feedback! We can only test if this works via the large number of people looting on the main game. Thank you!
    • PvP fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where killing yourself with grenades in PvP would count as kill credit.
      • Fixed a district reset when using the Throw Dirt skill in PvP.
      • Fixed a district reset with the PvP matchmaker.
      • Fixed an issue that caused players to spawn directly next to the enemy in Team PvP.
      • Fixed an issue that caused teams to be formed improperly in Team PvP.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the red Infamy "rank up" message to not show up when you leveled up to a new Infamy rank.
      • Fixed an issue where matchmaking requests would build up and not be deleted.
      • The message that displays when you are clumsy with grenades is now gender neutral and won't say "his" when a female pirate does it.
      • Reworked how spawn bubbles function in PvP. We are still working on preventing grenade damage from going through the shield, but other issues with it should be resolved.
    • Quest fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not be able to attack Kudgel during the Raven's Cove Story Quest. If you still encounter issues killing Kudgel, switch servers.
      • Fixed bonus rewards from the Raven's Cove Story Quest not being properly awarded. This has been a thorn in our side for quite some time now. We're glad this bug is finally squashed!
      • We know there are still a ton of quest bugs out there, from missing quests to broken search containers. This is a top priority. Thanks for your patience!
    • Voodoo Doll fixes:
      • This is NOT a drill! We've made some progress on the voodoo doll sound effect bug! Sound the alarm... but not too loudly! Our ears are still ringing from having to put up with that noise for so long. Thanks for your patience! There are a few instances where this pesky bug still shows itself again. We hope to have this bug fully squashed in the next release.
      • Fixed an issue where the attune sound effect would persist and get louder if the attuned enemy was defeated.
      • Fixed an issue where the attune sound effect would persist and get louder if the attuned player would go to jail.
      • Fixed an issue where the attune sound effect would persist and get louder if the attuned player would teleport away.
      • Fixed an issue where the attune sound effect would persist and get louder on players and enemies after the doll was put away.
      • Fixed an issue where killing multiple attuned enemies with a voodoo doll would not properly award reputation or loot for all of them.
      • The voodoo swirl effect will no longer persist at the feet of enemies and players after they have been unattuned or if the doll has been put away.
    • Added an internal debug feature to help better track the black screen PvP bug.
      • Thanks so much for your patience with this! We'll keep working on it until it's fixed!
    • Code cleanup.
    • Changed some dates for some upcoming holidays.
    • Localizer grammar and typo fixes.
    • Reorganized the Pirate Bayonet, Pirate Blunderbuss, and Idol Throwing Knives weapon groups. These changes were made to accommodate for the new weapon additions.
      • If you have any weapons from these groups in your inventory, you may see stat, rarity, and name changes. They should not be too radical. We made sure that the majority of the changes only benefitted the player. So stats on a famed weapon you had could only be scaled up, rather than scaled down to a rare rank.
    • WhiteList and BlackList updates.
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