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Release Notes 2018-8-14 tlopo-rc-v1.17.0

Discussion in 'TLOPO News and Announcements' started by John Foulroberts, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. John Foulroberts


    Oct 25, 2010
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    • Sea Charms and Cannon Rams are now fully functional! Players can equip one in the "Item" slot of their inventory for special boosts and effects, including:
      • Ammo damage boosts.
      • Critical shot.
      • Extra ammo range.
      • Infinite ammo.
      • Skill boosts.
      • Skill duration boosts.
    • Rumor has it that four new legendary weapons have surfaced. The Brethren Court has learned that these be quite powerful - wielded by some of the most fearsome and notorious individuals in the Caribbean. Will you be one of the first to find them? Only time will tell...
    • Big changes have been made to The Diplomat and China Seas Warrior outfits. These sets now have different clothing items depending on which peddler you visit.
      • China Seas Warrior now has two variations of closed coats, for both males and females.
      • The Diplomat now has an open long coat and high neck shirt variation for males and a closed coat variation for females.
      • The two outfits will return as week-long flash sales throughout August to get players these new items.
    • Kat Repperson, a new peddler, has set up shop in Las Pulgas on Padres del Fuego, next to Goslin Prymme's tavern.
    • New colorable hat: Accented EITC Hat. It is available in the secret shop and in loot (as brights).
    • Rank IV Storm Chaser, Fortune Hunter, and Copperhead hulls now have better speed, cargo, and armor stats respectively. Previously, these hulls had worse stats compared to their rank III counterparts.
    • Sailing skills will now properly increase in duration when more skill points are applied.
    • The Seven Seas Repeater Pistol group (six weapons!) can now be found in loot.
    • Per player request, we removed the previously discontinued peddler outfit, Treasure Hunter, from general loot. It is back on the docket as a flash sale set.
    • The Treasure Hunter outfit now has a brand new pair of shorts for men.
      • The old shorts are still available in loot.
      • The previous shorts were able to be found elsewhere in the game. These are exclusive to Peddlers.
    • We've added 75 new prefixes and 75 new suffixes to the ship name chooser!
    • We've entirely rewritten the back-end of the Lookout matchmaker system again to better accommodate for Team PvP queuing and future updates. We hope to have more improvements to the Lookout system in the future!
    • Cannon fixes:
      • Fixed a district reset caused by shooting a cannon after using a voodoo doll.
      • Rewrote several functions for cannons on the back-end. This is a huge fix. It patches up three of our most common in-game crashes that occur thousands upon thousands of times.
    • Sailing & ship fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where enemies would go idle on flagships.
      • Fixed a bug where ramming speed did not damage the targeted ship.
      • Fixed a crash when boarding a player ship that didn't have an infamy badge.
      • Fixed a crash when launching or docking a ship.
      • Fixed a district reset when boarding a flagship.
      • Fixed a district reset when being hit by enemy broadsides.
      • Fixed a district reset when firing broadsides.
      • Fixed several miscellaneous issues with flagships.
    • Quest fixes:
      • Finally fixed a bug preventing players from completing digging quests when you have 2+ digging quests in your quest journal.
      • Fixed a bug causing the treasure chest animation to not appear when digging.
      • Fixed a bug which caused the Raven's Cove Story Quest to get stuck at various points.
      • Fixed a bug which caused the Raven's Cove teleportation quest to not appear in your quest journal. If you are still missing the quest, please contact support.
      • Fixed an issue that caused players to crash when picking up daily quests.
    • Lookout fixes:
      • Fixed a district reset when accepting a Mayhem match as a group from the Lookout panel.
      • Fixed dozens of internal server function crashes with the matchmaker.
      • Fixed several other miscellaneous district resets with the matchmaker.
    • PvP fixes:
      • Fixed a district reset that occurred at the end of a Team PvP match.
      • Fixed a district reset when joining a PvP match with more than 8 players.
      • Players can no longer move before the PvP match has officially started.
    • SvS fixes:
      • A ship's bounty should now properly clear once it is sunk.
      • Reworked how bounty and score systems work.
    • Miscellaneous fixes:
      • Adjusted some Alligator and Scorpion boss names, as some were duplicates. A new Huge Alligator boss name has been added as well.
      • Clothing icon color fixes.
      • Fixed a catalog bug that prevented various clothing items from showing up in the new peddler's shop.
      • Fixed a district reset caused by an enemy reaching an invasion barricade at the same moment that it was destroyed.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Divine Musket from dropping in loot.
      • Fixed an old Disney loot bug that prevented General Darkhart, General Sandspine, and Undead Timothy Dartan from having custom loot drops.
      • Fixed texture issues with the Court Blouse, Embroidered Blouse, Florid Top, and Tavern Blouse.
      • Reworked how all skill boosts and special effects from weapons are applied to players. It's a much smoother process under the hood.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Localizer grammar/typo fixes.
    • Made minor tweaks to the stats of a few different weapons.
    • Whitelist and Blacklist updates.
    Game Note
    • Since sailing charms have become operational, the team is also actively working on polishing up Cannon Defense! Ye will be able to acquire sought-after items such as the Revenant Ram once that is released!
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