Release Notes 2018-9-11 tlopo-rc-v1.17.4

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  • Whenever we release an update, please know that there is an extreme amount of quality assurance testing that goes into it - sometimes lasting for several months at a time. Unfortunately though, we sometimes do not catch some bugs that make it into a public release. Please have some patience with us as we resolve any issues following an update. We need to make sure that the changes we make to correct the new bugs are accurate. If we do not test them properly, we could accidentally cause even more bugs. Thank you!
    • For reference, invasions were working properly in Summer 2017. We did not release them until Winter 2018 because we had put in an extreme amount of time testing them. However, when we released them on the live servers they failed to function properly - even though we had quality assurance testers going through them 60 hours a week for several months. We unfortunately cannot anticipate every scenario or combination of attributes that will create an issue/crash - but to counteract this, we are very swift to fix the issues as they appear.
  • Connectors/Tunnels now properly light up with defeat enemy tasks.
  • Enemies and ships now go light up the closest one to you. The light does not switch off them until they die or you go away from them.
  • Fixed a district reset caused by the ray of light fix. Please log in and sail around with the ray of light present, as well as when it's not.
  • The islands at sea now have the light on them if you have a defeat enemy task on the island.
Known Issues
  • When changing tracked quests the ray of light may stop working until moving to a new zone. We will be releasing another update soon to correct this issue.
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