Release Notes 2018-9-21 tlopo-rc-v1.18.1

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  • Ship captains now have the ability to kick shipmates off of their ship outside of SvS. AFK players can be kicked at any point in time. Non-AFK players can be kicked, but the captain must wait 5 minutes before kicking additional non-AFK players again. Players who are kicked from a ship cannot return for the length of the voyage. The ship kicking ability can be found under the "Take Action" button on player profiles.
  • TLOPO now supports Discord's Rich Presence API. Other Discord users will be able to see your activity and location in-game!
  • Fixed a district reset with reviving another player.
  • Fixed an issue causing AOE attacks and swords to not damage enemies or players in PvP. Unfortunately, this change also reverts Spanish and French enemies to their original condition with having infinite range.
  • The crew HUD will now display when a player is AFK, on a cannon, or in a PvP match.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Localizer tweaks.
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