Release Notes 2018-9-9 tlopo-rc-v1.17.2

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  • Reverse-engineered and implemented Disney's nametags, which have been open-sourced and can be found here:
    • This should make the tags much more clear, reduce lag a bit, and fix the issue where clicking on players randomly stops working.
    • This should also fix an issue where NPC Shopkeepers' badges were hidden behind quest indicators.
  • Implemented the "Sure Footed" skill
  • Stop on by the tailors on Padres del Fuego and Port Royal to purchase a new pair of men's "Leather Cuff Boots."
  • Fixed a bug causing groups of enemies to not spawn with proper levels.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would sometimes not attack barricades during invasions.
  • Fixed a bug where navigation tools would not apply a rank boost.
  • Fixed a district reset related to invasions.
  • Fixed a district reset related to SvS.
  • Fixed a district reset related to the lookout matchmaker.
  • Fixed a number of client crashes related to weapons.
  • Fixed an old Disney issue where rank 5 and 6 Privateering infamy badges were swapped.
  • Added a new Peddler roster for the 2018-2019 season. You will see it be released slowly over the coming months.
  • Balanced out Jack Sparrow's Blade
    • Decreased "Critical Strike" skill to Rank 3.
    • Decreased "Powerful" skill to Rank 3.
    • Removed Drain Health.
  • Bones will now begin to drop automatically when the Hollowed Woods event begins. It will no longer require an update to the game each time.
  • Localizer grammar/typo fixes.
  • Modified holiday date ranges.
  • Replaced duplicate ship names.
  • Whitelist and Blacklist updates.
On the Horizon
  • We have recently open-sourced a new technology that we're calling "Pypperoni" and can be found here:
    • Pypperoni is a free and open source Python compiler and bytecode preprocessor designed and maintained by the TLOPO team. This compiler will be the successor to TLOPO's current runtime, Nirai. When Pypperoni is released, we will be removing support for 32-bit applications. We will provide more information when we get closer to releasing this update.
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