Release Notes 2019-08-02: tlopo-rc-v1.21.3

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The Crew

2019-08-02: tlopo-rc-v1.21.3


  • Fixed issue where players could immediately interact with cannons, repair spots, and ship wheels after being knocked down.
  • Fixed issue where repair spots would break when a ship is rammed at full health.
  • Fixed issue where salvage bonus was higher than intended.
  • Fixed issue where various ship classes would not give hull health when sunk in SvS.

  • Changed bounty to split among attackers based on contribution when a ship is sunk.
  • Nerfed ramming speed to the following:
    • Lowered chance to knockdown from 100% to 10% at level 1, capping out at a 50% chance.
    • Players are no longer kicked off wheels, cannons, and repair spots if they are holding a weapon with sure footed.
    • Take Cover now blocks ramming speed entirely.

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