3rd Times The Charm?

Should they re-design?

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I say yes.. BUT Disney can't keep the site up & running like they use to :p They have WAY to many "Technical difficulties" So.. I doubt they can change it without something happening to where none of us can play for like a month.. Knowing Disney, this isn't a good idea ;)

Matthew Goldrage

Wanted Pirate
I dont know what the old islands looked like, does anyone have any pics? :p
i played for a bit then it stopped working and i stopped...
I vaguely remember the old port royal and a TINY part of tortuga... i dont remember any of the wild islands
yes they should change the old islands back.The wild islands need more diversity to them they all look the same
you got a point, congrejos, cutthroat, rumrunner's, they ALL look IDENTICAL
just blow up the islands again, and rebuild them as they were :p


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i started playing a week after they released the remodel to live and el patrons weapons came out

Captain Sharktooth

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They don't really need to redesign anything. Sure, it would be good to have the old islands back, but they were remade for a purpose, and I don't know how having new islands would benefit us...

Hector Blastspinner

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I had no problems with the old islands. Plus, I'm sure Disney updated their "technology". So it should not be as much of a problem now. As you can see we have more "powerful" computers. If they want revenue, they need to go back quick!!