Event  A Day To Get Together & Meet Everyone On The Forum.

John Hooksilver

Site Founder
I posted my idea about us all getting together one day soon. I think it would be great if we choose a day,time, place & Server to meet on. The place could be at the Shipwright on Tortuga on one of the quiet Servers on a day & time most of us are online. We would stay there for a certain amount of time & wait for other Forum members to meet us. then we can decide what we would all like to do. Maybe some Ship PVP perhaps, or we do the Black Pearl boss battle. Lets talk about this & see if we can get together. What ya think Mates?
Ok Igor, sounds great. I understand & agree with your feeling about PVP & sore spots.
We can do anything. Lets keep this idea going & see.
I'm sure some would be happy to PVP, but I'm with Igor on that lol

I think it would be a great idea to all meet and do something :) We plan to have more events like this eventually, but feel free to pick a date, time, and place and get one going.
I think its a great idea :D I want to meet everyone in forums.. Even though i know almost everyone.. But not that well :( How sad.. Anyways, Invasion with a huge group would be awesome :D !!
I agree theres some people on the forums I've never met before and I'm curious what there pirate looks like.
This is a great idea! I can do this any day of the week except on Tuesdays and the weekends cuz I work 12 hour shifts on those days....
Sundays & Mondays are good for me. The rest of the week I'm quite busy. I come into the forum to read & post late at night. Other then that, I'm online in different games. Mostly POTC & StarWars Galaxies :)
EDIT (Nov 21, 2010 6:33 AM):
A new StarWars MMORPG online game is set to launch early 2011. It's called
"Knights of the Republic". It will prob be $15.00 a month to play. My entire SWG coalition will be getting into that about 10 Guilds in all. We all cant wait to see & play it.
Love the idea and just let me know.Weekends are ok but after 8Pm east time,wife works and I'm mommy/daddy at that time.During the week anytime for me,mornings,afternoons,evening nights.
I'd love to! You should probably just pick time and place, and if people can come then they can come, instead of trying to make sure that EVERYBODY can get there, because not everybody will be able to. It just makes it easier that way
If anyone wants to set this up, feel free to go ahead with that. Otherwise, this weekend or next things are looking to settle down a bit for me, so I'll be working on organizing more events after that.