A Docking At Cuba

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
The pirate crew cheerfully anchored in the Cuban bay. A small town laid upon the beach and a small crowd formed as the pirates sailed towards them on the little dinghy. One mate of the crew, Cristobel headed straight for the tavern, La Bodequita, with his mates in tow. Some, who had profit over rum on their mind, sold their wares to the town's few citizens.

Any pirate who docked on the island was fearful of the Spanish soldiers that guards this island with a passion. Cuba was the gem of the Spanish colonies and that left no room for piratical matters to be conducted their.
"A dozen hanged in Havanna, last month," said a peddler, "The crew of the sloop, Mercy, took the quick drop. Shame isn't it?"
The peddler conversed with the captain, the only pirate who dared to sail here. But what the captain wasn't so fearful of the tales of hanged pirates. He knew a decade ago a hurricane thrashed the land. The citizens, that were spared hid in the jungles from the violent winds. When the Spanish arrived, the town was declared a total loss and no surviors were found.
Went back into their homes and rebuilt their town but one lad, named Macomo, came up with a plan, to avoid the high Spanish taxes. They would forever remain isolated from the Spanish crown and be self-sustained.
The pirate captain found them on an unplanned ocean voyage*, alone and living like savages. The man was not cruel but always willing to make a profit, so he decieded to trade with them. He would keep their secret and they would buy his loot. The routine soon turned into a loving friendship and they each dependened on one and another.
But now the captain was deep in thought and did not care to listen to the peddler's gossip. He continued to walked along the beach to find his trusted mate Macomo.

"Macomo!" he shouted, over to the barn. A few pigs snorted peacfully in mud-filled dreams inside the pen. Macomo walked outside with his dull-eyed look holding a bottle of rum in hand.
"Don't tell me your drunk already! We just arrived!" laughed the pirate.
Macomo smiled and handed him the bottle and smiled. "Good evening Braden." he said calmly.
"Ah! The old witch-man cracks a smile, eh? You must really be glad to see me."
"Well some gold is always appreciated on these shores."
"Ah yes! And how is Miss. Lucindia doing?" said Braden as he scanned the beach for her.
"Oh my friend, have you no heard?" Macomo gravely, "She left. Walked out of this town trying to forget the way of the voodoo."
Braden was shocked. Voodoo, an ancient practice used by the townspeople, was an art to people like Macomo and Lucinda. The first time Braden arrived on this island, barely a man, he met the mysterious Lucindia selling potions to the townsfolk.
"Any idea of her whereabouts?" said Braden softly.
"Jamacia, I heard. I guesses she moved on to better things. She walked all the way to Bayamo, a week's worth of walking, and bought a passage on some ship."
Braden remembered to keep that in mind the next time he planned to sack Port Morant.
"Well mate what news do you have then?"
Macomo was quiet for a moment s he listen to the shouts of the tavern nearby.
"She wants to see you."
Braden's blood ran cold, his skin turned pale. The heat of the setting sun felt like a shadow.
"She won't be kept waiting. Be there at midnight. Good luck." Macomo retreated back into his barn.

Half an hour to midnight, Braden awoke his drunken crew.
"Look alive, louts! I need me bravest men with me at once?"
The crew stirred and arose from the tavern's benchs. Peyton, the slim rascal, was still out cold. Some pirate snickered at his drunkeness.
"I have a meeting with... her-"
The crew groaned and let out a chorus of excuses. The only one who didn't speak was Christobel who gingerly tried to relieve Peyton's dubloons.
"Captain Fear be reasonable!" said the boswain, "She is mad! A raving loon! A shivering jemmy!"
"Aye!" replied the pirates.
"Gentlemen! Don't fear! As long as I'm by your side-"
"Then go alone!" laughed Christobel.
Braden twisted with rage under his thick beard. "Are you not game Christobel? I challenge you to accompany me!"
Christobel frowned. He couldn't pass down a challenge. "I accept," he said glumly.
And they both exited a the crew gave them a small moment of rembrance.

"Wallowing through mud! Swatted at flies! Are we pigs or pirates?" complained Christobel.
Braden snorted, "Is there a difference?"
The two trek through the swamp, careful not to disturb an alligator in slumber. Large plants and vines offered a home to insects and bats.
"What are we looking for?" asked Christobel.
"It's a who," replied Braden.
"Exactly." Braden learned it's never clever to discuss infomation to pirates about a plan. It was best to lead them into it and hope for te best.
A light pierced through the darkness. Moths fluttered around the latern and an old shack stood by forebodingly.
"That's her place?" said Christobel with fear in his voice.
"Aye," replied Braden.
The door creaked open and a lady dressed in tattered robes stepped out.
"Welcome young Captain Fear," she said his a thick accent.
"Tia Dalma! My favorite practioner of the voodun art!" replied Braden in force cheerfulness.
"You brought a friend I see," she said with a smile.
Christobel smiled and wiggled his fingers.
"And he seems to be taking a fancy to you," said Braden cooly.
Christobel redden as Braden continued, "He's a bit slow at first. Doesn't talk much. Let's hope we keep it that way."

The group went into the mystic's shack and the pirates waited as she poured them some tea.
"Wouldn't have any rum eh?" asked Braden
"Nay. Burns the tounge and the soul," she replied.
"Well what are we summoned here for?" said Christobel quitely.
Tia Dalma looked at him and smiled, "For salvation."
"Pardon?" asked Captain Fear?
"Our way of life will soon be finished here at these shores unless you stop it, Captain. I can see into the future as it crashes upon the tides. A man, named Blane threatens this fair town. He comes his musket and steel and will slaughter everyone here unless a savior is found."
"And you want us to play the role as a savior again, eh?" said Braden.
"Who is this Blane? Why is he after this town in particular?" asked Christobel.
"I see into the future not the human heart..."
Braden puzzled over this thought. "What will we get in return."
"Your reward will be given later, I'm sure of that. But first you must slay Blane first. I am told by the winds he can be found in Jamacia. Search for him, Braden and let what is your come to you."
The pirate captain thought for a moment and grinned.
"Wake the crew Christobel! We are going to Jamacia!"

*These events are taken place after The Tale of a Reluctant Hero Part 2. Part 2 will be coming this weekend. This story depicts the events in Captain Fear's adult life. To hear about his childhood read The Tale of a Reluctant Hero Part 1.
Very nice story so far!