A Dose Of Shyness 10 Followers Achievement Celebration~ 10 Animated Pixel Emoticons Giveaway~

A Dose of Shyness

Pirate Apprentice
Howdy all,:coffee:
how was your day?:cat1:

Wow, it's snowing here in the forum!:snow:
Looks like PiratesForums is ready for 'tis great season!:elf:

It's hard to believe that I actually have 10 followers now!!:spring:
As always, I am super thankful to all my followers and whoever supports my artworks.:thanks:
You guys and girls are the best!

In today's post,
I will be giving away 10 watermark-free, super festive, iconic, christmas-ish animated emoticons,:dance1:
which I had so so much fun while creating.:D

Each of them is sized 100px x 100px square, with transparent background.


SO... Why are they pixelated??

I have struggles for smoothing outlines when exporting animated gifs in Photoshop.:smh:

After making my research on the internet,
I found that this be a common issue to GIF format,:cry:
unless it is changed to the newer APNG format.

Sadly, APNG format is uncommon to use,
and not adaptable to every platform.:sigh1:

Then I think to myself,
since the outlines are jaggy,
why not i just make use of this disadvantage and invent it into something cool?:cool:
Fine, let's make pixel art instead!!:thumbsup:

P/S: This is my first try-out ever on creating pixel icons,
I am sorry if it doesn't meet your satisfactory.:sad1:

Overall, I am quite happy with the outcome.:happy:
Plus, I really love the cool embroidered texturized effect!!:shades:

For anyone of you who wants to start a Christmas Project,
I hope this post ignites your inspirations on nail-art, cookies decoration, scarf & sweater embroidery, DIY gift cards, and more!:party:

You may save these images for the usage such as festive emoji for your chats,
icons for your private websites. :)

Enough said, let's get straight to the results, shall we?:bounce::D

'Tis the season,sweet kisses under the mistletoe.

'Tis the season, candy canes form a heart glow.

Look! the snowman is waving at you!

He must be hinting, Santa Claus will be coming to your house.

By the time you lick the yummy raspberries jam lips and lime royal icing hair off this cutie gingerbread.

Oh my dear, come with me.

Let's shake up this ornament for happiness.

Let's follow this lovely Jingle Bell.

Get ready, your Christmas sock will soon be occupied with special gift.

Enjoy yourself a very Merry Jolly Happy Christmas!

'Tis the season, It's your season!

Have a great holiday, everyone!:carrot:
Until next time! :wave:
Lots of Loves.<3<3<3

A Dose of Shyness

Pirate Apprentice
I love them! Awesome work! Congrats on 10 followers
Thank you thank you, Jack!! :D
:lol1: you used this cutie gingerbreadie so well in this comment! <3<3
Have a great Christmas!! :merry:
As always @A Dose of Shyness they are adorable!! And congratulations on the followers!
I wish you and your family a very
Happy Christmas!! <3
Dear Luna, <3
Thanks for your endless support! :thanks:
Wishing you and @Savvyrascal and your friends & family a very Merry Jolly Christmas!! :jolly:


Forum Mod
An absolutely adorable display, and congratulations on 10 followers! <3 I can say that I am impressed every single time a post of yours pops up in my feed. Happy holidays, and have yourself a wonderful and warm time!

A Dose of Shyness

Pirate Apprentice
They are adorable <3 congrats on 10 followers!
Why Thank you, Gracie!! <3 <3 <3
Wish you a very :happy new year:!!

Those are darling!! Merry Christmas! :treestar:
I am happy you liked them!! Bug! <3 :happy: <3
:ny2: to you !! :party4:

An absolutely adorable display, and congratulations on 10 followers! <3 I can say that I am impressed every single time a post of yours pops up in my feed. Happy holidays, and have yourself a wonderful and warm time!
:thanks: Thank you so much Dear Misha!! <3 <3
I feel touched every single time I receive sweet comments like yours. :cry:
And :nybanner: to you and your family!! :)