A Dose of Shyness Forum's 1 Year Old + 200 Likes GiveAway

A Dose of Shyness

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:coffee: Howdy folks!!
Thanks for reading this thread. :D

@A Dose of Shyness recently turned one year old on this forum,
and thanks to your endless supports,
I have received more than 200 likes within this superb year!! :woot:

As a token of my appreciation, :thanks:
here I am giving back to this community: 10 Watermark-Free Animated Smilies, :thewave:
featuring my very own original character- Shybaby, :hamster:
which I created specially for my forum's One-year-old thread right over here.

Each of these emotes comes in a square size of 200*200px, with transparent background.
Everyone is :welcome2: to download and use them, perhaps in your chatbox, phone messenger,
I bet they will make your chat conversation looks more "love"ly!! <3 <3

Also, it'd be really awesome if some of these smilies could be included as a part of forum's smilies, :-3
so we all have more smilies choices to send out loves <3 <3 <3 to this big family. :D

Warning: I am sorry about the jaggy outlines... :sad1:
Seems like I do not have a great solution to Adobe Photoshop,
by making the background transparent,
and at the same time, maintaining smooth outlines! :(
If someone knows the solution, please leave me notes!! :D

Now, Ready for the Big Reveal?

Shybaby No.1 sends you flying kisses! <3

Shybaby No.2 sends you a big heart! <3

Shybaby No.3 sends you the famous Korean Style Finger Hearts! <3

Shybaby No.4 sends you a Love Hug! <3

Shybaby No.5 sends you a drawing heart! <3

Shybaby No.6 sends you a traditional finger heart! <3

Shybaby No.7 shows some loves to his favorite desserts! <3

Shybaby No.8 shows some loves to his favorite pirate game and community! <3

Oops, wait a second... :seesaw:
Where has Shybaby No.9 and Shybaby No.10 gone?? :confused:

Found them!!!
They ran over here for candies collection instead!!! :tornado:
Hurry go and bring them back!!
Don't forget to give them some treats if you can! :p

Enjoy!!! :)
:happy halloween:

Lots of Loves. <3<3<3

A Dose of Shyness

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I will forever adore your artwork! Always top quality and an absolute joy to read through. Have a frosty December and a warm and sweet set of lovely holidays incoming! :good post:
Oh Misha! <3
:thanks: Thank you so so much for your sweet comment!
And you too, have a wonderful season and great holiday!! :snow: <3<3