Glitch  A Few Cool Glitches

Emily Waveprint

Honorable Pirate
Ok so the first one is a swift foot glitch. You need a frigate or war frigate idk if it works on light frigate or not. Then make sure you have at least two swift foots just in case you mess up. Then go on ur ship and stand right behind the railing on the platform thing below the driver and you'll see a smaller platform. Yu need to use one swig foot then jump up over the railing into the smLl platform your under your ship

Idk how many people know how to do this but it's the balcony glitch. Nearbyhe rowdy rooster there is a like market thing go the the end of it and jump over the crate then go to where the wall sticks out and run through it. then on your right there is a corner you run into and the go up the stairs and your done
I accidentally ran through a building on pdf, I was on the phone and forgot I had hit auto run. When I looked back at the screen, I was walking on water lol ............