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Hello! I created this list of suggestions a long while ago and sent them into POTCO (no need to again, for those who have asked me before,) and just thought I'd post it here to be read as well. Enjoy! *Note, yes, I had posted this on a different forum originally. There is a link at the bottom for some reason, not sure why it's there; although for some reason I'm not able to remove it; it's not clickable, however.

Here is a [small] list of what I think should be added/changed in POTCO.

1. Old Body Shapes Re-added
When they first changed the templates of create-a-pirate on test, they said the old ones would be available to use along with the newer ones. When it came to open, that was not true. In my opinion, the older body-shapes were a bit better, and even though they weren't completely realistic, they were "cleaner" than the newer body shapes. I'd like for it to be that we can choose from either - the new body shapes, or the old ones.

2. Larger Crew Sizes
Have you ever done an invasion with your guild, and the crew is full before you can crew all of your guildmates? This is often a problem when doing invasion with guildmates. Having two-separate crews can cause confusion, and then complaints. I'd like to see crew size limits to be at least 20.

3. Officer Chat
It's often that officers are busy when you want to talk to a group of them, and you don't want to gather them all onto the same server and start a crew. There should be an option for a guildmaster to set an officer chat within the guild so officers may speak about guild issues without having to say it in a crew/guild/whisper chat.

4. Create-A-Pirate Clothing Customization
I'd like for them to bring back create-a-character clothing customization. In the past we were able to change what color clothes were (in a great extent) and what kind of clothes we had.

5. Basic Access Purchases
I think it would be fair that basic access members may buy crude clothing & weapons from stores, since that is all they can use anyway.

6. Girls able to change colors of pants
Well, this is just simple. Why can't girls change the color of the pants they buy?

7. First Mate Rank
A rank that is only second to the guildmaster, they have all abilities a guildmaster may have. They can act as a second, and if the guildmaster leaves the guild without passing on the rank, the title of guildmaster will go straight to the First Mate that was promoted first. (There may be up to four first mates.)

8. Create-A-Pirate (Pirate Customization)
In choosing a skin color, we should have a color wheel that has main skin colors (to a certain extent.) That way, if we're actually trying to resemble someone, or something, or just have a certain skin color, we can. Also, the same color wheel would go for hair colors (to an extent) and eye color (to an extent.) We should be able to get long straight hair for girls as well. (I don't see the sense in not allowing it. Putting your hair up would be more of a limitation than having your hair down.)

9. More Hairstyles
I'd like to see more hairstyles implemented into the game. Hairstyles with bangs, and such.

10. More Tattoo Styles
Since the eye-tattoo in this game is mainly just a substitute for an eye-shadow, there should be a color wheel (to an extent) for changing it. The same should go for tattoos that are only done in black.

11. Guild Halls
I'd like to see guild halls added into the game. It would be a place for a guild to hang out/talk or have meetings in. The guildmaster would purchase the guild hall, and the guild hall would get larger based on the amount of members in the guild. Permissions to be inside the guild hall would be very much like the boarding permissions of a ship, and you would be able to boot members out of it like in privateering.

12. Pets
I'd like to see pets, such as the chicken potion, added into the game. Realistic ones for pirates, like sea rats or the occasional seabird. They would be like an added skill and would be able to carry out certain jobs.

13. Invisible Log In
This is obviously debatable, but I'd like to be able to sign into a character as invisible. You would be able to see chats going on in guild, or local, but to other players you would be invisible and not labeled at "online." You stay invisible until you type and enter a chat.

14. Larger Inventory
Since we have recently been given new clothing in the monthly catalogs, I think it would be wise that our inventory was made larger as well. I am already running out of inventory space on my pirates and so are many others.

15. Item Recovery
Say you loot an item, or are rewarded with an item from a quest. Then, you accidentally trash it! I'd like to see an update where, items you loot or receive from a quest are available in stores in the case they are no longer in the pirate's inventory.

16. More Potions
More variety in potions please!! I’d love to see the animal ones from test on live. Maybe all of the ones from test except the puking potion…yuck.
I would love the "invisible log in". I get buckets full of whispers and messages from friends and guild every time I log on. The old clothing customization would be very nice too. Get a tricorn hat and a longcoat again. I also like the crew leader thing.
I would love the "invisible log in". I get buckets full of whispers and messages from friends and guild every time I log on. The old clothing customization would be very nice too. Get a tricorn hat and a longcoat again. I also like the crew leader thing.
lol...... :fish:
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Slouyx.....you hit pretty much all the wishes I would like. Hair is my biggy! Also, I have a green pair of striped pants that I kept back when we were able to change clothing color, I get asked all the time where I got them! We always have to have two crews going....makes it tough to watch for knock outs in the invasions. The pirates we have now....have white gaps in their lips and other areas on the body....just looks wierd! I like the Guild Halls idea...never thought of that! Thank you for sending these ideas to POTCO....hopefully they get the hint!
We have a lot of things we would like to add (there was already a thread long time ago - 2010), but that is a good list. There are some things that we desperately need, and almost to the status of "we-can't-do-without" (read: urgent), and some things that are just making the game more fun. It's called "priorities". While everybody has his/her own priorities, we can find things that we can agree upon to be the most urgent things to add. Bigger inventory space, and Rose's suggestion of a 'bank' system to save our stuff somewhere else, I think can be considered urgent. Unless Disney provides us with another system (i.e.: trading). The ability to kick somebody out (boot somebody off) of a regular ship by the Captain of the ship, I think is also considered urgent.

Then after those (and maybe others can add a few more), comes the less urgent list. To me personally, a teleportation permission is very important. Also I agree that the invisible log on is very important (it would be nice if we could set our own setting like in this wonderful forum). I agree that the ability to transfer a crew leader position like Treasurer's idea is very important as well.

The rest of them can be considered less urgent need or want, that would be nice to be added, but not necessarily urgent. And if I were one of the Disney decision makers, once I considered adding a few things, might as well add a whole lot of things (although it's definitely impossible to grant 'all' of our wishes), provided that the cost vs. revenue would be balanced. If they put a lot of extra efforts, they could advertise and -hopefully - gain more customers and revenue. That's what the 'feed back' button and form are for; if they don't grant some of the most important wishes we have, then why having a feed back button and form? I've heard that some of our wishes were granted, IF we asked with determinations, and we were thankful for that. It's worth sending them.
I'd love to see trading and a 'bank' system.

Bank would be especially neat if you could store things on your ship, but hey, I'll settle for anything at this point. Trading would be excellent, because I want to get my Black Buccaneer Hat back, and am willing to pay for it lol.

EDIT: Adding onto the Guild Hall idea, which might be a little hard due to the amount of guilds in the game and space restrictions, what about the ability to designate a guild flagship? Could be neat if they were to make the flagships a little tougher (more health, harder to damage, etc.) than whatever class the ship in question would be.
We need more islands. I'm talking about big islands that can take hours to explore. New enemies like cannibals and zombies. Also new weapon types.
Trading should be added into the game but would take along time considering that the staff never thought about it so establishing it would be very heard...
Arrrrr...As a pirate, I request (for me self) a parrot, a nice boot & a peg leg..."Shiver me timbers!"
~ I dare say the addition of hurricanes too, would be nice to have along with the KRAKEN for pirates on POTCO. *Oh...& we cannot forget too about the need for a coconut falling from the tree canopy in the hopes of knocking some "sense" into pirates who have none :)
i think there should be a way to show off the legendary fish you have caught. or call another pirates fish bluff! your able to check out other pirates skills so why not fish!
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it would be cool to have more hair colors like blue, purple, red etc
i think there should be a way to show off the legendary fish you have caught. or call another pirates fish bluff! your able to check out other pirates skills so why not fish!
EDIT (Apr 20, 2011 at 12:07 AM):
it would be cool to have more hair colors like blue, purple, red etc

age old question : are all fishermen liers or do only liers fish?:confused:
i think there should be ship customization, i dont like the blue and red triangles on my ships :eek: i would like some new flags, cuz i just think there should be ;)
sorry shamus, but the pirate in your post looks like a run away from the shady rest retirement home.:flag:

ROFL. Aye. He does. "Funny stuff :cool:." I hope he didn't "waste" away the time from his youth, lol. Looks like he might have been to Signapore a couple of times. Remember, it's not the years...it's the mileage :)