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The owner of the Kingfisher had his ship on the waters for a short time and I was lucky enough to get a ride. My lag was so bad it was a struggle to even stand still. But, our good mate Igor was aboard so if there are any questions maybe you can direct them to him. I am just the photographer :). I will definitely ask if I might be allowed to steer it a bit the next time.



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when is infamy coming to live when it comes out ill have to start playing potco again. but is hard with a cast on
Igor say before Infamy on Test for one day you were able to buy all of the ships!!!! Igor say they changed it the next day but those who bought the ships got to keep them!!!

What's the point then? I rather have new layouts on the ship!!

Igor say they do have special broadside attacks!! Igor was very happy to learn that the Kingfisher had chain shot broadsides that were affected by your chain shot lv!!! Igor say now take that a step father and say you had a Revenant that shoots Furys that is affected by your Fury lv!!

Igor hope this comes soon but think it will still be after Infamy.... Igor think the new ships and the SOLT will change SvS for a long time!!!

Igor say aye mates for the one day that these other ships were available they were extremely expensive!! Igor say if you want a ship of the line you had to have 200,000 gold just sitting around on test!!
You be very right Igor and many of us did no have many gold coins when these ships came about, heres the list I did manage to snap a shot.


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