Idea A Quest like Raven's Cove Quest but for a legendary

Fred Anderson

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Since there has been a lot of back and forth the droprate of legendaries and whatnot. How a quest where you will be guaranteed to choose one of three legendary from doing the quest. This would be just like how Raven's Cove Quest guarantees to choose from one of three El Patron's famed from completing the quest.

Before you start typing away :furious:, lets make a few points if this quest was implemented.
- 3x harder and longer than Raven's Cove Quest
- Should be based on Tormenta or maybe the new island (Isla Escondida)
- Should involve defeating a couple of bosses like Foulberto where strategy is more played
- These have to be new legendaries not the ones we have already

If you have any more points to add feel free to suggest them down below.

Edit: I forgot to mention that if anyone suggested this before, I apologize.

Edit #2: Was scrolling through my postings and found that @ChaBoiJimmy suggested it here before and i agreed with it lol im blind
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