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Event Adventure Across the High Seas

Discussion in 'TLOPO Events' started by Blaze Moonwalker, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Blaze Moonwalker

    Blaze Moonwalker Dockworker

    Dec 25, 2017
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    Join me for a Run to Islands like Kingshead, Driftwood Island, Cuba, Port Royal, Padres Del Fuego, and Rumrunner Island as We set Sail From Tortuga. I will be sailing my Main Ship The Phantom. It can Hold up from 14-17 people. If your looking to Level up or gain loot this is the perfect opportunity. This will take Place Friday at 5:00pmEST on the Abassa Server. If your interested Comment below and I will tell you where to meet me in the Server.

    Adventure awaits you
    Sincerely, Blaze Moonwalker

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  2. DarkRose

    DarkRose Wanted Pirate

    Feb 21, 2018
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    If sailing loot is fix, we (myself and my fiance, love to join. Thank you for throwing this event! =]