African ethnicity guild roleplay.


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Hello guys. I'm looking for people that would like to RP in a guild that is pirates in mainly an African ethnicity.
I'm looking to develop some high standard roleplay on the game.
Here is a link with some information about ''black pirates'', African ethnicity pirates...

You can private message me or add me on Discord @Brodyaga#3928
@Cheeto - I praise you for coming up with an idea to do such a thing. I support this but don’t see nor understand the “how” any ethnicity-based guild can sufficiently pull this off (the way it is hoped) without some level of unforeseen drama in the end coming forth from trolls. What I mean by that is how is such a guild, and consequential RP, going to legitimately handle such issues which come along which are completely out of their own control? (Wouldn’t the categorization ‘in-game’ of players entice troll activity and are pirates [whom are truly in support of categorization] prepared for any adversity which arises)?

In POTCO, I played my alts to where each of them had their own (unique) ethnicity. It is was fun and I do give Disney credit for them providing a fair representation of all pirate ethincity groups within POTCO. But, I personally don’t think it’s possible to control a legit male/female/ethnicity-based guild in a legit way given how trolls always seem to ruin things within a MMORPG world. That is just my own opinion though...understanding alone the issues POTCO had back in the day.
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Thank you Brodyaga for including the link!! Very interesting, educational and inspiring! To quote just one paragraph - "Stede Bonnet, the gentleman planter who turned pirate to get away from his nagging wife, summed up the piratical attitude when settling a dispute between one of his African crew members and a white recruit. Stede’s judgement was that piracy was a race in itself – it trumped color, nationality and station of birth. A man who called himself a pirate could never be called a slave."