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Hi everyone.
I am a new member to Spania. I have been in a few guilds.
My story : The first Guild I was in was Hawks Talons. I really liked that guild. It was fun to be in. But... The GM left and started a new guild. I was not thrilled with the new name and a lot of guildees where left behind, so I joined a small guild.
This GM kept changing the name of the guild. I am not sure how that works. I assume that she was abandoning guilds and starting new ones. This happened several times. Each time the guild became smaller. When I left I think it had 38 members. I left for a larger Guild.
The next GM was a male that had big dreams. The guild had about 300 member and was just getting started. He made me an officer. I really liked this guild but one day I logged on and there was no GM. I was really sad.
Then I joined another guild that was faily new but going strong. I never did meet the GM as he was never on when I was. Even though a lot of members where on every day, not may ppl acknowledged when some one came on. I'm sure it is a good guild. Just not for me.

Spania is the friendliest Guild I have ever been in.
Everyone says Ahoy, Welcome Back, Congradulations, and invites me to join in activities. And to my surprise, I see a few familar faces. Everyone is respectful and helpful.
I love being a Spania
welcome to spania and the forums, priscilla! do you rember me from hawks talons? they used to call me sheep in that guild. looking forward to doing some plundering with you soon...........sheep:flag:
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