Question Ahoy, I'm LadyTazz, Need Assistance With PotC Tides of War


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Ok thanks, in game it says to get monster bait by killing monsters. But the monsters I am killing are not dropping the monster bait.

Kate Goldwalker

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I agree with Arabella, please take a screenshot of the game. We do not have monsters that have to be caged in The Legends of Pirates Online, nor in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. We are very confused as to what game you're talking about.

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl

This forums is mostly for The Legends of Pirates Online... Here is a link to the game. Free to play.

We do have games listed under the Other Games section of the forums (which I'll move this thread there). But I did a search and found a walkthrough for the game that you're playing atm.

Maybe we've got others here who have played this as well. Good luck. Unfortunately I have not played it.

Davy McShot

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have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again? or tried waiting 5 seconds in-between shutdown/startup?

Shamus The Brute

No it is an android game from Google play store
You (and others) have figured this out already but you are playing a mobile version game of "Pirates of the Caribbean" to which Disney launched after the game we all love here was cancelled, which was a MMORPG or online multi-player game - not mobile.

To the best of my knowledge, if you are seeking answers to your question it might be difficult unless "Tides of War" has it's own forums but - like Kate pointed out - there are a few resources available to read important to your game (for here, try to conduct a search for it using the title. Below is one I had written but, it might not be all that helpful to you).
Have you tried contacting Disney's customer service reps for "Tides of War?"
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