You'd honestly think that in a pirate game, there would be a revolutionary change of sea ships to air ships. There has been numerous pirate-like mmo/mmorpg that released airships and had such a high demand for them. What would you guys do/think if airships were in PotCOI would like to have one of these bad boys.
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Pirates101 is a ehhh game. I just never really enjoyed playing that game because it just seemed more mmo that mmorpg. I also just despise the graphics on it lol.
Thats the only reason I dont like Pirates.. you can't get all the fantasy cool stuff :p

and those airships look very much like this:

If you are a Pirates veteran than you wouldn't want airships in the game it would kill the nostalgia. I would not like it because I do not believe that Disney wanted to recreate this game with some spiffy new airships. I feel as if they are looking to bring the game back as its old self with some improvements not to add any cool MMORPG pay to win stuff that will kill the games overall quality and destroy any peoples view on the game being the same old Pirates of the Caribbean Online. People that want cool airships with fighting in there game I recommend Pirate101 or Guns Of Icarus Online.