All Hallows' Eve Ball

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Jason Ironskull

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All Hallows' Eve Ball
October 28, 2010

It's been three whole years since the Pirates Online Crew set sail for adventure. Since then many Pirates have joined us on this adventure online - plundering, pillaging and pirating!

To celebrate these three fantastic years of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, there will be an All Hallows' Eve Ball this weekend! On October 29, 30 & 31, the All Hallows' Eve Ball will be held at the Governor's Mansion Courtyard on Port Royal. Gather your mates and dress in your finest! It's the time to celebrate and make merry!

WHAT: All Hallows' Eve Ball
WHEN: October 29, 30 & 31 starting at 3pm.
All times Pacific Standard/California
WHERE: Governor's Mansion Courtyard on Port Royal
Okay I went on briefly... and was what!
I mean no kind of party stuff at all ... no ham ... no fire... they didn't even get rid of the red coats... I mean really????? Thats just cheap! I am thinking maybe that something will happen this weekend with it!
i went on the first day and everyone was sooooooo annoying there were saying that disney was making them beleive in Santa and that they were being lied to and that they were gonna get revenge :rolleyes:
Lol did anyone take any pictures of it I was there for few sec and thought it was boring so I didnt take any. Guess you all agree with me.
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