Allied Forces Take Out Jolly In A Blaze Of Glory!

Captian Morgan Kid

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sundays afternoon invasion was the hardest i've been in for awhile. spania had the dock and the pirates of mc raging were covering the beach. jolly roger made a hard run at us with every thing he had and lots of keg runners. the heat of battle was raging on for what seemed a life time.
the sandmen were not any help at all. we fought this never ending battle long and hard.
i was starting think jolly roger would never go down.
then when things were darkest, in less than a heart beat, jolly is taken out in a blaze of glory! once more we save jack sparrow's bacon. i for one think he at least owes us a few cases of rum. thanks to the pirates that came to fight. 10 spania online and 9 showed up. i'm sure the one no show was afk. :flag:
Great Screen shots and story Morgan... Looks like it got a little hot towards the end with all that fire! lol