Amnesia's Signature Request


I used to make my own Signatures and GFX work but i no longer have Photoshop / C4d, therefore im putting this out there.

I dont mind what you make take 5 mins or 1 hour.

I'd like
Name: Amnesia

Font: use your imagination you choose

Color: You pick maybe see what it looks like in different colors and pick one you think looks best.

Picture: as this is a pirate game maybe something to do with pirates / Pirates of the Caribbean style or something to do with this version of the game? or even just mash it up don't use a picture but use a texture for example A smoke effect as a background, or a splash splatter, or even just a block texture with clean stripes. use your imagination. I'm not picky. ;)

Sign it: You can even sign the Signature to show it off that you created it, for example i used to have my name in all my GFX signatures and picutures but i'd make it small and well hidden but still able to see it if you look closely and carefuly i used to just change the fade of it from 100% to something like 10% and shrink it but that's entirely your choice.

Im hoping a couple of people will take this opertunity to make my signature and possibly compete with one another or even just make one just for the fun and to show it off., depending on the Size of it and if i can due to the forum settings i may have more than 1 signature on my profile,

Sizes: Again use your imagination but please nothing huge, i like it to look clean.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and create the requested signature.